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Cleansing the body of sunflower oil

Purification of the body by suction of sunflower oil

It is one of the most original purification methods and treatment of the body, which is based on the fact that one of the functions of the glands of the mouth is the excretion of waste products from the blood.

Our saliva is alkaline. Amount of blood passing through the gland during sucking or chewing increases 3-4 times and there is a kind of whole blood transfusion through the "filter" and its treatment.

A sunflower oil in this case is an absorbent material, which involves what is unnecessary and detrimental for the organism.

Sunflower Oil Cleansing Treatment

Get into the mouth pure sunflower oil and passing it between your teeth, keeping it just in front of your mouth. The persistence of oil in the mouth (sucking) is determined for 15-20 minutes during the same procedure.

Use up to three times a day and follow the procedure in the sitting position.

At the beginning of the oil thickens, then changes color and texture, becoming rare, and the color resembles milk. After the surgery, all you have to spit out the oil content because it contains a strong concentration of toxins that are excreted from the body.

Rinse mouth with water several times, you can spit out.

     Note! If regurgitated oil content of toxins, will continue to have a yellow color, the treatment extended by a further 5 minutes.

As with any process of cleaning the body, part of the toxin enters the bloodstream and is eliminated in the natural way, it will cause malaise, such as:

     nausea, headache, dizziness and even - as in any poisoning.

     Note! Absolutely can not stop treatment, because with further purification of toxins will become less and unpleasant sensations disappear.

The results of treatment are often felt after a few days. In chronic conditions, long-standing treatment period will last for many months - but always be effective.

During the suction body is freed from harmful bacteria, toxins, acid activates and normalizes metabolism.


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