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Diet Cocktail

Principles of diet cocktail

Several times a year (for 3-4 consecutive days) you can drink only juices and smoothies. This will allow you to lose 2-3 kg. Another option is a day diet cocktail juice once a week.

In addition to the extra juice drink daily about a liter of still water or herbal infusions.

Remember! On the day of the diet (or more 3-4), only the drink. You can not eat anything. An assortment of beverages should be like the richest. Juices should be mixed to create one delicious and healthy smoothies.

He drinks a day 1.5-2.5 l juices and cocktails, which will have to be squeezed out of the vegetables. You have to divide them into 5-6 meals.

All drinks must be fresh, and so getting them at home or buying so-called. day, because those with cartons have a smaller value.

There are added to the sugar. If you need to sweeten already, let it be half a teaspoon of honey.

It is also worth knowing that only a small percentage of people have high cholesterol, atherosclerosis or type 2 diabetes. Should normally lie on our side, because they eat too much, too sweet and too greasy.

The so-called. treatment of juices has many supporters. With it, you can not just get rid of the extra pounds, but also cleanse the body of toxins found in various tissues of the body. They are also the result of overeating.

The juice of the berries

Similar properties also has the juice of blueberries. These juices can be mixed with each other or do low-fat yogurt smoothies or milk. They help to remove excess water from the body, prevent constipation and improve eyesight.

Grapefruit juice

This juice should be drunk not only during the diet cocktail. It should do this every day (1/2 cup or more), because after a few weeks ravenous clearly decreases and facilitate the maintenance of normal body weight. Grapefruit juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which prevent diseases of civilization and the B vitamins, vitamins C and E.

Remember! This juice can not drink any medication because disturbs their absorption.

Celery juice

Celery is related to parsley and has the same nutritional value as it. Celery juice contains more vitamins A and C than citrus. They also provide the body with many other vitamins and minerals. It accelerates the regeneration of tissues, including the skin, and this will delay the process of aging. For this juice can add a little carrot juice, kiwi fruit or fresh parsley. 100 g of celery juice contains only 32 kcal.

Chokeberry juice

This can be done in a juicer or cooking 1 kg of fruit in 1.5 l of water slightly sweetened for 20 minutes. For flavor you can add lemon juice or a glass of cherry juice. Aronia prevent atherosclerosis, "sweeps" free radicals, soothes and improves metabolism.

Cocktail tomatoes

It should drink cocktail with both raw and boiled tomatoes how. With these cooked is prepared by rubbing the cooked vegetables through a sieve and season such as pepper, a touch of pepper and chopped basil. It will provide us a lot of potassium, which helps get rid of excess water from the body.

Carrot juice

The most valuable (and tasty) source of beta-carotene (provitamin vit. A). Carrot juice acts antineoplastic, improves skin tone, makes it more flexible, smoothes and moisturizes. Contains erection of magnesium, iron and potassium. Economy improves fat.

The juice of apples and pears

Preparation: Mix apples and pears in a 3:1 ratio.

Drinking juice is unclarified because provides a lot of fiber, which swells in the stomach, reduces the feeling of hunger. It is an excellent source of energy for a tired body, thanks to large sugar content quickly penetrate into the blood.

Beet juice

It is a panacea not only obesity, but also other diseases of civilization. It cleanses the blood and guts, give energy to people who suffer from chronic fatigue. Strengthen the immune system, prevents anemia, improves the appearance of the nail and delays the appearance of gray hair.


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