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Cleansing the intestines and liver

7-day treatment of intestinal and hepatic

This purifying treatment consists of several steps, namely four. Each stage of purification of the body strives to achieve a particular purpose.
Your body is cleansed of toxins, and your appearance will please not only you but also your loved ones.

Thus, treatment liver and colon cleansing begins on the first stage, which is the detoxification. This program provides a soft removal of toxins from the body, but nevertheless it gives very good results and its performance persists hard methods of treatment of liver and intestine.

     Caution! Hard body cleansing methods may be carried out only under the supervision of specialists (eg, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist).

Experts recommend carrying out cleansing treatment 1-2 times a year.

Detoxification - how to get proper cleansing of the liver and intestines?

Detoxification begins with cleansing the liver, but first you have to prepare your body through changes in diet, namely to remove the products from the diet hard to digest .

These products include:

    flour, sweets, fats, meat fish, eggs, butter.

Be sure to exclude black tea and coffee, and in any case you can not drink alcohol.

Cleansing the liver and intestines should be based on the use of healthy foods, so grains, raw vegetables and fruit and herbal teas.

Very helpful for bowel cleansing is to drink herbal tea, which includes herbs such as chamomile, dog tag and birch buds .

Preparation: bucket herbs per 100 g of water.

Also, this brew is well lose weight .

Using all of these products and to remove all the infected within three days ready for purification.

    Caution! It should also drink plenty of water ( non-carbonated mineral best ) .

It is also important that the days start by drinking a glass of water with lemon juice ( can be sweetened with honey ).

    Caution! After the first meal you eat no more than 30 minutes .

This simple procedure will help run the intestine and the digestive system after a night's rest . Beginning so every day, not just during the purification of the body.

Do not forget about breakfast. It is this meal should be nutritious and provide energy for the day. Very good to eat for breakfast cereals on the water (you can soak them overnight in water). You can add the lemon juice or vinegar, because it will eliminate stagnation in the stomach and cereal porridge becomes cleaner, mechanical bowel .

This meal enough to get you to dinner and you do not have anything in the meantime " bite " and overload the digestive tract.

Surviving on fruit and vegetables a day can be difficult, especially at the beginning of treatment , so you can switch to diet lean boiled fish, but in small quantities.

After three days preparing the body to cleanse the liver and intestines will be necessary to do an enema .

Preparation: up to 2 liters of water at room temperature , add a small amount of lemon juice .

This will restore the acid-base balance in the intestines.

Proper cleansing of the liver and intestines

On the fourth day begins with cleansing the liver.

In the morning on an empty stomach in the right place warm hot water bottle (somewhere like that for 20 minutes). After that, start to drink bottled water quality (reheat it first).

Drink it in small sips, so for three hours, during which lasts the whole procedure. Drink 1.5-2 liters of water. Mineral water can be replaced with herbal tea. After completing this procedure, take a hot bath.

By the end of the first week, do not change the diet. Seventh-day repeat enema to cleanse the bowel.

     Caution! Remember the choleretic action of such products as apples, radishes, grapes.

Their consumption also affect the efficient purification of the liver and intestines.

Thus, a total of over one week you are able to carry out cleansing of the liver and intestines. Cereals, raw vegetables and fruits mechanically remove toxins from the intestines, as well as contribute to the enema, which cleanses the intestines. Bile infusions and the above described procedure promote cleansing the liver. Herbal infusions will help the kidneys clean the blood of harmful substances and poisonous toxins.

Now you can simply eat a healthy diet and not harmful to the body through the use of harmful products.

Good luck :)


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