Diet for hemorrhoids

The diet in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are normally found in the rectum, small blood-filled "cushions" that provide anal leakage channel. With the gas and stool are kept in place until the moment when we go to the toilet.

The trouble starts when the bumps fill with blood more than they should, and that's where the blood during defecation and burning and stinging. Hemorrhoids in the early stages develop inside the anus, and eventually fall out.

Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, step by step

It is important here regular bowel movement. Therefore, it would be well to visit the toilet at fixed times, because it improves the movement of the stool. Avoid prolonged move on to the toilet, especially if at that time the time and increases the pressure in the abdomen.

    Caution! You have to avoid long , hot baths, because they do not like hemorrhoids. The water temperature in the bath should not exceed 39 ° C.

Symptoms can mitigate 15 -minute sitz baths in the infusion of oak bark, chamomile, sage or potassium permanganate.

Sometimes, the strong constipation, there is a need for a mild laxative, and in more advanced cases, the measures that improve blood flow in the blood vessels anus, soothing inflammation and pain.

People suffering from hemorrhoids, constipation resulting, often little drink.

    Caution! Adequate amount of fluids is extremely important, because it relaxes the fecal mass, which was able to move more easily in the gut. You should drink about 2 liters of still mineral water daily.

What diet?

Treatment of hemorrhoids begins with the implementation of a diet with plenty of fiber, keeping a healthy weight and increase the amount of traffic.

People with this problem should daily reach for fruits, vegetables and whole-grain breads, rice and pasta. A large amount of fiber in the diet improves intestinal function. Avoid sweets and alcohol, as these components are " lazy " and irritate the intestinal mucosa. Just like hot spices. Strong support bowel movements are such spinach, beets, plums and yogurt and buttermilk.

One of the causes inflammation of hemorrhoids is obesity. People who are overweight usually avoid traffic, gymnastics and bad diets. If you can not cope with being overweight, you need to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

    Caution! Get rid of extra pounds requires patience, because fat will not disappear in any miraculous way.

The best remedy is to move, because a sedentary lifestyle makes it difficult promotes blood circulation and digestion disorders. Recommended physical activity should be systematic, preferably several times a week.

    Caution! It can involve heavy lifting or with a load of anal, like riding a bike. It is walking, fitness and swimming.


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