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Homemade solutions for constipation

A collection of home remedies for constipation

Twenty-first century is the age of information. . . and nothing to do theory. Even more valuable are the conclusions of the real experience.
Some time ago, looking through the forums, I created a collection of statements of people who have shared their proven methods for constipation and obstructed bowel.

Here's a piece of this collection:

1 ) OATMEAL AND APPLE. "For breakfast . After a week of eating this for breakfast, I noticed that I can deal with it with almost no effort several times a week . After two weeks , I sat on the throne EVERY DAY . The joy of having empty bowel is indescribable ."

2 ) SPECIAL FRUIT COMPOTE . "Ingredients: Dried prunes , dried apricots , dried apple slices , a little cinnamon and a few cloves. All together simmer on low heat. When the apples are getting soft, a bit like a jam , compote is ready. This compote good tease intestine. For this is good ."

3 ) CELERY. "Constantly eat it before, during and after the meal. You will feel a bit like a cow chewing grass 24 hours a day . . . but it works!"

4) PHYSICAL EFFORT. "Maybe this is not a discovery method , but the physical effort - for example crunches , pilates, and even jumps - activate bowel function , and thus help to banish from the life of constipation."
5) FASTING FRESH WATER WITH LEMON. "One cup or even two in the morning and some during the day. It is sour, but it works!"

6 ) FULL-FLEDGED SNACKS. "I can not rid themselves of the snacks. But since I swapped chips and popcorn on a grainy bars or wafers , intestines began to work better."

The recipe for a sandwich, which stimulates the bowel to work

Before the recipe for a sandwich, a word about how the condition affects the intestinal overall health.

Guts is not only involved in digestion - also play a guiding role in the operation of the immune system, which is to protect by diseases.

Hence - in poor bowel function disappears shield counter in the invasion of the enemies of health: bacteria, germs, microbes. According to the clinical condition of the evil they have a close relationship with over 170 ills twelfth century - from the common cold starting, ending on tumors.

The fastest known way to improve the health of the intestinal bacterial flora is optimization. This is what is the role of sandwich according to the following recipe.

Of course, you first need to stock up on bread.

Top dark. The darker, the better.

Now, take two slices, smear your favorite butter, then put your ingredients:

a) freshly chopped red onion,
b) freshly chopped garlic cloves,
c) a thin layer of mustard,
d) a little bit of horseradish,
e) that he sleeps herbal pepper (yum! and does not burn
in the mouth),
f) ground or chopped ginger,
g) a little oregano,
h) and a pinch of Himalayan salt.

In this film you put it, as usual: cheese, tomato or cucumber - whatever you want and appetite.

For someone who loves to pamper the palate, this sandwich is a treat for the taste buds. But most of all - the stimulation of intestinal and restoration salutary bacterial flora.

Over time, you'll be able to say "bye" flatulence and constipation.

Sandwich of the recipe makes an even greater wonders if 20 minutes before clear the intestine and vivacity of natural glass fiber.

Because in order to build a good bacterial flora, first you need to expel intestinal fecal masses surging- they give off a powerful dose of bad bacteria that rob you of your health.

Fibre forcing the weight to left intestinal transit.


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