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How to clean the liver?

Cleansing the liver

External symptoms of liver contaminated

These include:

    appearing in the body of freckles, brown moles and warts;

     brown spots on the roots of the hair;

     cold and clammy skin of the body and hands;

     colored in yellow underside of the tongue;

     inability to do the right leg of the same step length as left.

Why liver is working properly?

The causes of the malfunction are:

     excessive intake of food and fluids;

     excessive consumption of sugar, sugar products, fruit and alcohol;

     excessive intake of fat, vegetable oil and fat meat;

     excessive consumption of food cooked and rafinowaniach;

     excessive consumption of fresh bread and flour products.

And get used to eating before bedtime or during the night.

Prevention of liver disease

It should be:

1. Reduce the amount of food consumed.

2. Do not eat breakfast.

3. Eat more cooked vegetables (30 - 40%) of the total number of meals per day.

4. In winter, you should eat more sauerkraut.

5. Eat more cheese, sour milk, kefir.

6. Eat all freshly prepared (not to eat meals heated or the previous day).

Liver cleansing soft vegetable juices

I Ingredients: 300 g, 90 g of fresh cucumber, sugar 90 g

II Ingredients: 270 g of carrots, celery, 130 g, 60 g Parsley

Application: Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Follow the best summer and autumn.

Liver cleansing needles

Preparation: 5 table spoons of pine or spruce needles, finely chop. 0.5 l boiling water, steep cook 10 minutes over low heat.

Strain and pour into a thermos.

Dosage: Drink small sips at any time.

     Note! Decoction should be doing every day fresh.

When using this treatment, cleansing the liver and urine is cloudy, colored with different colors. When the urine returns to normal color (color of light beer), treatment should be stopped.

Treatment should be applied in February, March and April.


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