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Cystic acne causes

Cystic acne causesAcne can be for many persistent disease. This is for example the case of acne most frequently encountered form of the disease, or in the case of rosacea, where the presence of redness causes discomfort sick person.

Why quit smoking?

Quit smokingCigarette smoking is a habit from which it is difficult to break. Many people establishes itself as a New Years resolution or a birthday party that ends with cigarettes - often, unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that the strong will lose the desire to inflammation.

Accelerate metabolism

How to speed up metabolism? Very many people are not able to achieve the dream of training goals and results for which they work due to slow metabolism. When months and exhausting hours spent on exercises do not give results, it is worth considering the cause.

MS treatment

Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatment The most likely cause of multiple sclerosis, according to doctors is called. an autoimmune process, which consists in the fact that the immune system recognizes the myelin (nerve fibers) as well as foreign tissue and opposes it.

Taking antibiotics

How to properly take antibiotics? It is time for the disease. You lie in bed and reach for an antibiotic. STOP! Do you know how to properly use an antibiotic? Do you know how to avoid mistakes on taking this effective, but also a strong group of drugs?

Diet for acne

What diet for acne? For your daily diet effect was skin care and prevents the formation of acne, check first what you should eat and what should be every day on your plate.

Winter weight loss

How not to gain weight in winter? When the window temperature is becoming lower, we have wanted for more. More carbohydrates, fats, sugars. Winter seems to be a period in which it is impossible not to gain weight.

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and treatment

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - symptoms and treatment The first symptom of incipient rheumatic disease, it suddenly appearing pain and edema (continuous or suddenly appearing and disappearing). It often happens that people are trying to wait out using painkillers, and then the disease develops.

Yoyo diet

Yoyo effect of weight loss Deciding to lose weight, we must work our a plan of action to implement it consistently every day, so that in effect, lose weight.

Biofeedback treatment

Biofeedback therapy - what is it?Biofeedback is a method of exercise for the brain, which gives a chance to improve and increase the efficiency of the brain. Thanks supports (and accelerate) the process of learning and memory, increases concentration and reduces stress levels.

Best way to hydrate skin

Skin hydration If we want to take care of our body and make our skin to long maintained a young and fresh look, apply various cosmetics and creams. But keep in mind that your body and skin watering before everything ... from the inside.

Why do we need fiber?

Why do you need fiber in your diet? More and more people guided by the principles of healthy eating. Under the motto "you are what you eat", want to be aware of the ingredients and nutritional value of each product.

Fats in diet

Healthy fatsIs fat can be healthy? Yes of course! We just have to remember that in our diet were valuable fats, or those that are a rich source of essential fatty acids (in short: EFA), because that's what they positively affect our body.

Types of psoriasis

What types of psoriasis? The symptoms of psoriasis, or skin disease that affects 3% of the population, can eliminate 100%, but you need to match specific treatment for psoriasis. A variety are few.

Stress and insomnia

When stress does not allow to fall asleep You can not mute the evening and fall asleep, because you had a stressful day? You're not the one you're such a night person. Stress and tension causes problems with falling asleep at the growing number of people.

Healthy snack ideas

Healthy snack  From time to time everyone catches up craving for treats. In such situations often choose candy bars, chips and other unhealthy snacks that - in addition to high-calorie - they are filled with preservatives and artificial flavors.

Gas and bloating

Troublesome gases Some foods, when digested intensify this bothersome ailment. There are also such that they possess the ability to absorb gases and reduce their quantity in the intestine. Other although not increase the problem, significantly impair the smell.

Healthy meals for lunch at work

How to eat healthily at work? The multitude of responsibilities, deadlines, ringing phones, we forget that we also work to eat healthily. The more that well-composed lunchbox not only silence the hunger, but also provide us with healthy energy - so much needed at work.

Psoriasis on scalp

Scalp PsoriasisPsoriatic lesions occur on the hands, legs, back or abdomen can be easily hidden under clothing. And what to do when the disease affects the scalp? Contrary to appearances ways to cope with psoriasis of the scalp is very much.

Excessive sweating feet

What about the excessive sweating feet?
If your problem of jet odor and excessive sweating feet, then it can easily handle it.

Lovage excessive sweating feet
It is a perennial, reaching large sizes. For centuries the roots of lovage used as a medicinal raw material and leaves as a spice. It has a very intense aroma, which can be identified by, among others, in spice Maggie, who is the main ingredient.

How to rejuvenate your face?

Algae rejuvenate the face
Algae reason they are called cosmetic gold. It aquatic plants that can be found in the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, and even aquariums. They grow to the size from a few millimeters to several meters.

Ways to help you fall asleep

Trouble sleeping
Listen to the music. Relieving stress to select music by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. Listening Canon in D Major Pachelbel well de-stresses: reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate also facilitates sleep.

Seasonal depression

What the symptoms of seasonal depression?
If you are overcome by depression, it could be seasonal depression (SAD). It appears now that the light intensity decreases slowly, and to make matters worse, day by day, could be worse.

Bronchitis remedies

What bronchitis?

The symptoms of bronchitis
The main symptom is a cough. The patient until he chokes. Coughing up mucus becomes thick and can be yellow-green (this is already a symptom of bacterial superinfection).

How to stop sweating?

Excessive sweating
Sweating is needed to regulate body temperature, and the odor is a side effect of this process, which is caused by bacteria. The body must secrete sweat to the body is not overheated. This necessary process easier for dressing up during the summer in the airy stuff.

How to train your memory?

Memory training
The pace of current life forces us to constantly gymnastics of the mind. Due to the accumulation of information we remember less and less, while our memory becomes you ever shorter and more and more we forget.

How to soothe a sore throat?

How to fight with a sore throat?Sore throat, is probably the most common symptom that affects us. How to deal with it? The main thing is to distinguish whether the sore throat is necessary to go to the doctor if you can lie back in the house and wait for the same to us pass.

Gluten free lunch

Gluten free lunch ideas People on a gluten free diet can not eat the classic barley soup (includes barley groats), but if you replace it with rice, buckwheat or millet will receive a delicious gluten-free barley soup.

Asthma Test

Asthma control test In the treatment of asthma we seek to eliminate the problems associated with it (the attacks of dyspnoea, cough), and minimize the use of fast-acting bronchodilator drugs. Achieving this state is referred to as full control of the disease. In a patient with the optimal control of the disease should not appear at all bothersome symptoms: cough, shortness of breath at night and in the morning, shortness of breath after exercise.

What helps you lose weight?

Slimming without failures Attempts to weight reduction shall not once, but several times. What the deuce is behind this? Just the first attempts do not always come out and lose weight without failure is a dream, an ideal, goal. The loss of those kilos it is not so simple task.

Urinary incontinence in women

How to treat urinary incontinence?Urinary incontinence is one of the most common complaints in women.

We distinguish between two basic types of the disease: the urgent ii stress incontinence. The first type relates mainly to women who have completed 60-65 years of age, when it comes to stress incontinence, it appears a little earlier in the perimenopausal period (45-60 years).

What is a migraine?

Migraine headaches - prevention and mitigationMigraine headache - severe, throbbing, pulsating, disintegrating head. The pain usually locates on one side of the head, near his temple, but it can also be bilateral.

Migraine lasts from keel hours to three days and is caused by interference between the nervous system and blood vessels in the brain.

Thyroid hormones

Examination of thyroid hormones Disguise weight, you are constantly tired and you're cold? Or the opposite: schudłaś suddenly, you're irritable, heart pounding you, it is too hot and you sweat excessively?

Kefir weight loss

Diet kefirs One of the more famous ways of cleansing the body is through diet kefirs. She has won many fans thanks to its effectiveness. However, in order to bring the desired results, it must be applied correctly and follow all indications. Thus, it is designed for people with strong will and determined.

Best way to get rid of belly fat

How to effectively lose weight from the belly? Eat every 3 hours because the body must get used to receive energy at fixed times of the day, you do not convert it to fat.

Warning! The biggest culprits deposition of fat on the abdomen is sugar and bread (any kind). You can not completely abandon the carbohydrates, but do not combine them with fats - this is the caloric bomb! No snacking between meals because the digestive system must have time to relax.

Rice diet plan

Rice-fruit diet This diet is excellent in warm weather. It is easy to digest, rich in fiber, and for this very tasty, well and helps you lose weight quickly.

This is the only way to lose weight. It helps in getting rid of toxins from the body, reduce cellulite, improve metabolism and cleanse the bowel with lingering debris.

What will help me sleep?

What will help insomnia? Warning! 2-4 weeks, a period during which you can safely use sleeping pills, because when you swallowed it longer, it then practice insomnia and harder it will get you beat.
How to sleep, to rest? The problem with insomniawill typically when we can not cope with the difficult situation at work, at home or in contacts with friends. The cause problems with sleep may also be a disease, eg. hyperthyroidism or rheumatism.

Psoriasis medication

Biologic medication for psoriasisPsoriasis is a shameful disease, so most people hide lesions. Bonfires lit place themselves in such areas of the body (knees, elbows, scalp, sometimes in the vicinity of cross-lumbar region), so they are easy to hide.

What causes insomnia?

What it actually is insomnia and what are its main causes?
Insomnia is there a lack of sleep. Insomnia most often defined as: trouble sleeping; trouble staying asleep or frequent awakenings; too frequent waking up with the inability to fall asleep; no restorative sleep (sleep long, but I woke up tired).

Venous thrombosis

How to avoid thrombosis?
When the blood to clot too quickly with the help of medication and diet come. In people suffering from venous thrombosis formation of blood clots in the veins (basically). In the treatment of anticoagulants are used, and when the disease is accompanied by other conditions (eg. heart and circulatory system, liver diseaseor obesity) will also need to diet.

Berry diet

Slimming berry diet
Berry health benefits have long been known. Even our grandmothers give outy your loved ones infusion of dried berries as a treatment for diarrhea, but that does not end with a list of their advantages.

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey for liver problems
It is very popular in Italy and France (the most famous chestnut honey comes from France, the Cevennes region). The bees produce it with nectar and honeydew horse chestnut and sweet chestnut.

Note! St. Hildegard of Bingen recommended to take it as a treatment strengthens the liver: 1-2 tablespoons of honey 2-3 times a day for a month.Honey has a dark brown color, strong aroma and bitter taste.

Why drink green tea?

Green tea - properties
Green teaproduced from unfermented leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis (as Black), whose processing takes place immediately after harvesting. Tea leaves are placed in special containers with water steam (steaming fresh leaves for 1 minute to inactivate the enzyme - polyphenol oxidase, which prevents fermentation) and are then rolled and dried.

Teeth health

How to have a healthy and nice teeth? At least once every six months visiting the dentist every three months and replace toothbrush and not share it with anyone. Use a properly selected with fluoride toothpaste, liquid disinfectants, toothpaste, dental floss, as well as the blades to clean the surface of the tongue. After eating also chew sugarless gum: peppermint or eucalyptus.

Healthy drinks

Homemade drinks for health Not only have a positive effect on health, their advantage is also that they do not contain harmful additives (preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors) - and to have a natural flavor. Take a moment to prepare them, whether for himself or for any member of the household.

What is linseed oil used for?

Linseed oil medicinal properties
Linseed oil produced by cold pressing. It characterized by a high content of polyunsaturated fats and fatty acids omega-3. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6) are on the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

Barley greens

Green barley effective weight loss It's now hit among Hollywood stars and celebrities, they love it, those who want to live a healthy and in harmony with nature. Green barley is considered the best natural remedy for slimming, cleansing the body of toxins.

Relaxation techniques for stress

Exercise and stress reduction1. Exercise relaxing, which allows for a better understanding of your own body and checking the condition in which it is found. This separation allows the outside, from which in the middle. Mastering this skill, then the desired entry to ensure that other exercises to combat stress, could be effective. Learn how to transfer your attention from what is external to internal.

Boosting metabolism

Products accelerate metabolism According to the experts there are no miracle diets. Talking about this for a long time. If you want to take care of your silhouette and lose weight, you have to just eat rationally.

Natural cellulite treatment

Home remedies for cellulite
They are not expensive, and their application takes little time. They are very effective, but on the condition that you'll reach for on a regular basis, in accordance with the following guidelines.

How can you get rid of cellulite?

What cellulite and swelling?
Many women have problems with stored water in the tissues and cellulite, regardless of age, occupation, physical activity and weight. This goes to approx. 70% of women, but that does not mean that they must not be convicted.

Signs and symptoms of depression

What are the symptoms of depression?
Depression is a disease where not all patients suffering from the same symptoms. Does not always have a depressed mood, do not always feel the emptiness or lack of active life. In some people, as the main symptom of sleep disturbance may occur, and in other physical ailments (such as headaches, back, abdomen, lower abdomen).

Quit smoking diet

How not to gain weight after quitting smoking? When you have made the decision to quit, take care of proper diet, which strengthens the body, helps get rid of toxins, and above all protect you from weight gain.

Breaking with cigarettes is not easy, and for that every third person breaking the habit gaining weight. Why? Nicotine stimulates metabolism and increases the burning of calories, and adrenaline, a hormone secreted during smoking, it sends a signal to the brain saturation.

Green tea and weight loss

Green tea helps you lose weight
Green tea is a part of almost all weight loss supplements, and drinking it became a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. If you care about the health and silhouette, this infusion of green leaves should be high on the list of your favorite beverage.

Body cleanse diet

What to eat to get rid of toxins from the body? You are constantly tired, you have joint pain, headache. Do you have trouble falling asleep or you're still sleepy? Do not lose the weight, despite the sacrifices?

Brain diet

How to diet for the brain?
Our body is aging, aging and brain, but we know that almost to the end of life, the brain retains the ability to record and playback information and the creation of new neuronal connections. Worse can only be divided attention and concentration.

Professional ear cleaning

How to properly cleanse the ears?
Earwax is a product of cells that are in the skin lining the auditory canals. It is essential for the proper functioning and ear protection. Moisturizes and nourishes the eardrum, and above all, protects you against bacteria, fungi, insects and other small debris.

Stomach acid relief

Mustard on the cover of the stomach
Mustard is one of the components of herbal pepper and curry blends. It is the basis of the world's most famous condiment . The mildest of them contain white mustard, spicy - sarepska.

Cleanse tea

Body cleansing teas
Cleansing drink teas start in march and drink it until may. You can draw a number of herbs, eg .: birch leaves, herb horsetail, nettle, linden flower, elder flower, flower Lamium album L., Leonurus cardiaca L herb, St. John's wort, knotweed, rhizomes of couch grass, dandelion roots, leaves, walnut....

Ways to prevent diabetes

How to prevent diabetes?
The best way to protect against diabetes is to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet. The principles of this diet are simple: Enter the menu everyday products that lower blood sugar, and beware of those who raise it.

Candida albicans diet

Candidiasis diet
The menu Candida fungus infected person may not be poor in nutrients and can not contain too many simple carbohydrates (eg. sweets), as this increases the susceptibility to fungal infection.

Natural remedies for heartburn

How to alleviate heartburn?
Content recurring stomach into the esophagus causes the appearance of baking and then we talk about heartburn. This may be to reduce the tension of the sphincter, which after swallowing should be closed down, and does not close.

Fiber rich diet

Slimming with fiber
Today, fast weight loss program. You do not have to toil to get the effect of a flat stomach. Simply enter the daily diet drinks rich in fiber. It stimulates the digestive system to work, accelerate the peristalsis ... and already after 2 days of notice a positive change.

Constipation children

Constipation in children causes and treatment
Chronic constipation is a condition in which bowel movements are less frequent than once every three days, and the consistency is hard. Defecation accompanied by rectal pain that causes fear of passing stool. Excessive overflow of residual fecal colon causes abdominal pain.

Causes of constipation in children

What is trans fat?

Harmful trans fats
Confectionery and pastry often added is called. confectionery fat. It really trans fats, or trans fatty acids, which are formed in the curing process of vegetable oils by hydrogenation (addition of hydrogen under pressure). It is also necessary presence of a substance that accelerates the reaction, and that is a nickel catalyst.