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Rice diet plan

Rice-fruit diet

This diet is excellent in warm weather. It is easy to digest, rich in fiber, and for this very tasty, well and helps you lose weight quickly.

This is the only way to lose weight. It helps in getting rid of toxins from the body, reduce cellulite, improve metabolism and cleanse the bowel with lingering debris.

With this diet after a few days you can be much lighter, decrease or digestive problems. Also improves the appearance of the skin, which becomes firmer and smoother.

Rules rice-fruit diet

1) You should eat up to 1,000 calories a day, which should be spread over 5 small meals. The breakfast as late as an hour by awakening and dinner 2 hours before bedtime. The intervals between meals can not be longer thread 5 hours.

2) The basis for at least 3 meals a day should be boiled rice, as well as seasonal fruit (eg. strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, raspberries currants, gooseberries, apples, plums, pears, melons, apricots.

Warning! The diet can be used up to 3 weeks. It may be repeated every 2-3 months.
3) The rice should be cooked as short as possible. Semi-digested grains are longer and better satisfy hunger. Rice should be a bit of salt, because salt retains water in the body and slows the loss of weight.

4) When the diet should drink still mineral water, not less than 2 liters per day. You can also drink green, bitter tea and all kinds of herbal teas.

Warning! You can not drink coffee, black tea and sweetened juices.
5) Very weighs a regular, but not exhaustive exercise. This can be daily (at least half an hour) walk or bike ride. Well to lose kilos affects dancing and swimming.

What you can still eat?

It could be:

  • skimmed dairy products (milk, cottage cheese) and fermented milk drinks (yogurt, buttermilk, kefir). You have to bet on the natural, with no added sugar, because they are a rich source of calcium and protein. In addition, they fermented milk containing live bacteria that have a beneficial effect on digestion;
  • exotic fruits (especially citrus fruits). Often to reach for grapefruit and pineapples because they contain components to accelerate the fat burning and weight loss .;
  • once a day you can eat a small amount of lean meat, fish, whole grains (cereals, bread), nuts, and should reach for fresh vegetables.

A sample menu rice-fruit diet

1 day

Breakfast: yogurt with rice and a handful of raspberries, cherries or cherry trees, tea or mineral water.

Lunch: rice topped with apples, sauce fruit and herbal tea.

Baked rice: a bag of boiled rice mixed with grated apple, lemon zest and a pinch of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Then translates into greased casserole dish and baked approx. 20 minutes at 170 degrees. Pour any fruit mousse.

Dinner: a slice of wholemeal bread with a slice of lean meats, stalk of celery or cucumber. Water.

Snacks: yogurt with strawberry mousse and vanilla and rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon.

2 day

Breakfast: rice cooked with milk (densely) with any fruit mousse lun. Water.

Lunch: soup strawberry, cherry or plum with cooked rice (white or brown), whitened natural yoghurt and green tea or herbal tea.

Dinner: lean fish drizzled with lemon juice, cooked by steaming together with the broccoli or carrots.

Snacks: rice groats mixed with pieces of grapefruit and banana, baked in foil, clearing thick yogurt.


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