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Colon cleanse home remedy

Treatment for colon health

Today, a simple but gives many health treatment. It has a major impact on health, especially for detoxification of the body.

Note! Just for one day a week to a vegetable diet. For one day, refrain from eating everything except vegetables cooked in lightly salted water. Eat as many vegetables to satisfy your hunger.
Drink vegetable broth seasoned with herbs (eg. dried marjoram, cumin, thyme), and you can drink non-carbonated mineral water, herbal teas and fruit and vegetable juices.

The next day, eat regular food as before fasting ... :) That is the whole philosophy.

Harder version of cures for colon health

More difficult and more powerful version is only for drinking during the day of juices, teas and non-carbonated mineral water (good!).

Note! Medications use one day a week and continue for several weeks, and treatment of diseases, even half a year.

With this treatment, cleanse the body, skin, bloating decide to cancel, you adjust the stool, get rid of toxins, it is recommended to me by indigestion, or for those on a diet.

A digestion tea from the leaves of walnut

Tea is recommended for digestive problems, the complexion, with heartworm and general fatigue.

Preparation: a pitcher throw 3 - 4 leaves fresh or dried walnut, add a bit of honey and steamed, covered, until the brew obtain straw color.

Dosage: Drink of the day 1/2 l infusion.

Treatment lasts for 7 days.

Note! Walnut has a stimulating effect and can be used instead of morning coffee.


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