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Dealing with work stress

Stress at work

Every employee, regardless of their position in the company, knows the uncomfortable feeling that is stress.

He accompanies everyday duties at almost every step, so it's important to know how to effectively control. There are a number of strategies recommended by counselors and psychologists personal development in the fight against stress at the site.

How to deal with stress at work?

1. Set priorities Look carefully at the various aspects of your life such as career, their skills, relationship, family, friends, health, finances and think for a moment about what is most important to you. What are your personal values? What for you is success? This makes sure that equitably spread your time to work, education, development and enjoyment.

2. Be positive.  Look to the future with a smile and a positive attitude really helps. Every morning, before you pick up out of bed to face the hardships of the next day ask yourself - what I'm really good ?!

3. Relax yourself.  Find although brief moment of time in which you close your eyes, hooked and quit thinking about problems. Yoga exercises, tai chi, or simple meditation to help you relax mentally and physically.

4. Freedom of breath. A few deep breaths is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Just sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes. You need to breathe deeply until the abdomen, taking strong breath to the abdomen and allowing ribs expand to the side and belly forward. Then the air pause for a moment and then release sighing loudly. This procedure must be repeated at least 7 times.

5. Keep fit. Physical exercise is one of the key factors that helps get rid of stress. Not only improves your fitness, but also fills your body with positive hormones. When you exercise, be sure also with a healthy diet. Eat large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. Passion. The time you spend on interest is yours and yours only. Your passion gives you the opportunity to own development. They allow you to express your creativity, thereby engaging and forcing them to work right hemisphere of the brain. Acquiring new skills and continuous development impact heavily on confidence, reducing stress at work.

7. Be outgoing. Arrange to meet friends, colleagues, relatives. You will find that contact with others will change your attitude to many a gravitating your case. People do not need therapy or pharmacological booster to solve their problems. Talking with a trusted someone with whom you can be honest and you know that this person really will listen and advise is the best medicine.

8. Practice assertiveness. Define a clear personal boundaries, which will not exceed the others. You have to train like a pleasant yet firm way to say no to people who try to disturb it.

9. Distance itself. Do not take all matters seriously. Laughter is one of the most valuable sources of even the greatest stress-fighting. Watch funny comedy secreted in a life time to have fun and remember not to take life too seriously! :)

10. How do you see is what you get satisfied with life person, well organized, knowledgeable professional will attract the good energy from the environment. On this image you have to ciężo earn, but do not have a problem with people who combine passion with work.

Whether the work can be fun?

Definitely yes, if we do not stand still, but to take on new challenges and do not forget about personal development - gaining recognition in the eyes of customers and colleagues. On average, we spend 1/3 of our work day, so they respond with yourself is it worth it change anything?


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