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The Cambridge diet reviews

Cambridge Diet

This diet is a great solution for busy and suffering from the notorious lack of time.

You do not have to worry about cooking, long grocery lists, queues in supermarkets. All you need to lose weight on this diet, the food in the form of ready-made soups and cocktails with powder and bars, ready for instant preparation at home.

Complementary food, rich in all essential nutrients is a milestone in dietetics. Those who have chosen this diet, emphasize the convenience of the use and variety of available foods.

The dishes are tasty, niemonotonne, and above all meet the needs of the body and quickly slimming. Of course, some are not able to accept the "absorption flooded powder" and prefer a more natural, but also and more time-consuming methods based on unprocessed vegetables, fruits, dairy and so on.

Read all opinions about this diet, perhaps you see it and you?

Cambridge diet reviews

Karo "Cambridge Diet - I would not recommend ... Full of enthusiasm I bought soups and cocktails for three weeks close [diet] - and then I was going to have to buy so-called. exit from the diet.

Unfortunately, me, the soup tasted - generally ordeal - stand it on a strict two weeks, then 2 weeks mixed. The next two weeks VERY made sure the food - the effect? 7 kilos less.

Someone might say that's a nice result - maybe, but I know that a sensible diet, it can be the result achieved. As only slightly increased the amount of food and during the week ... 4 kilos come back, then another two. But as someone wants, let him trying. ;) I know that there are people satisfied with this diet. ;)

Cinda "I highly recommend this diet ... I lost weight within three-four months, 12 kilo ... There are not kept my her to the end ... Thanks a yo-yo effect ... But that unfortunately is when does not make recommendations. ;)

~ Klausek "'ve used the Cambridge and actually lost weight. I follow it exactly, but a terrible ordeal, because during its duration can not be anything. However, then we came back and again kilograms bought Cambridge, but I could not use it, because I really hurt my stomach. Now I am fighting naturally, but I feel like Don Quixote - a constant battle with the windmills "

little kitty, "I am at the moment on this diet and much adored. I have been using it already - about 5 years ago, and the effect was maintained for 2-3 years. No problems with the change of weight, and then ...

Well ... until I started to eat like a pig, this bought the car and changed my lifestyle for the very sedentary. :( So you do not yo-yo effect, only a change of lifestyle for the worse ... I am currently in the course of 3 weeks of strict diet - but I have a small derogations, ie. I have to provide each fiber, because otherwise there are problems with regular bowel, so a day makes 1 apple or grapefruit and two solid handfuls of residents and bran flakes.

Practice on this diet you - you, too, am an example, only rule is that you first start practicing, and then go on a diet - ie. If your body is accustomed to the effort, it is referred him to continue, but if not exercise so far and want Cambridge used, it should not start exercising. I do exercise every day, necessarily A6W, and to the gym, yoga, step, or Vacu Well - what I want. :)

I have no problem or the vertigo [head], or with syncope, but the body was not used to the effort. Flavors of different products, some of my approach, others do not ... From soups dissuade soup - has a strange taste and texture that vegetable is quite spicy and aromatic, about tomato, broccoli with cheese - extra, potato or cocktails a little too sweet, especially as they do with a small amount of water, as known. pudding, but it bars - a revelation, especially cranberry muesli. :) "

~ Materazzi "She used this mine was. Yes, lost weight a lot in three months, then her reflected and would still lose weight, so she took it away, something biting in the meantime. This result is that the lost weight about 30 kg and a totally busted his stomach. Overall I would not recommend that terrible torture of all, because for some time is a recommendation to nothing else to take and do not eat, then you can only some veggies, or cooked juicy bits. "

~ Brygida "I'm on this diet last year I lost 8 kg, the next two months - no more than 1,500 calories and weight decreased even by 3 kg. After returning to normal food I put on weight and 1 kg. The worst in this diet is bad breath even after 5 times I washed my teeth and do not give it, now I know that you have to eat parsley - apparently helps. I would add that been using three weeks. "

~ Janina "And in my past today 10 day diet, and so far everything is fine. My hair does not fall out, nails do not break, I lost. I feel good, the feeling of constant hunger is gone, do not want to fry, cool came down my weight around the abdomen.

I still have 11 days, but at the end I'm not going to give up. I realize that and after that, as after every diet, you can go back to the old weight and that's with interest.

Upon completion of Cambridge I'm going to go on a diet of 1000 calories being eliminated from the diet white bread, sweets, alcohol and fast food. And of course, do not eat after 18-dense. And that continues to be;). I'm not going to give up !!! :)


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