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Aerobic training exercises

Aerobic training in the gym

The intensity aerobic training may not exceed 80% of our maximum heart rate. Heart rate can be checked in two ways:

with the help of a heart rate monitor, so that they can be measured, and if it does not, it can be a tolerable error to calculate your maximum heart rate as follows:

220 - age (years) = your maximum heart rate.

So as you can see the older man, including his maximum heart rate will be lower.

Two variants of aerobic training

If we have knowledge of our maximum heart rate, then you can opt for one of two variants of aerobic training.

It could be:

  • low-intensity workout for beginners and for health (50% - 60% of maximum heart rate.);
  • proper aerobic training (60% - 80% of maximum heart rate).

Warning! 60-70% of maximum heart rate zone is the most effective fat burning, and 70-80% increases our overall strength.

We must also remember that effective aerobic training is training continuously, and this means that he should be executed at the same rate and long-lasting for about 60 minutes.

This training should last more than 25 minutes because until such time it allows the body to began to draw its energy from fats. In the first few minutes of exercise we burn primarily carbohydrates, which are the easiest nutrient for our bodies, and only then are burnt fat.

You should know that our body resistance provides fat stores, so it is necessary to stick to the caissons one rule:

  • exercise, except that it must be long-lasting, it still can not be too intense.

And that's because we can burn fat, it is also we need oxygen, and when training is for us too burdensome, our body can not keep up with the supply of oxygen and fat burning level to slow down.

Summary: The percentage of fat burned will be highest when the effort is long and moderate load.

We use many forms of exercise that satisfies the assumptions of aerobic training. These include: swimming, running, nordic walking, aerobics, cycling.

Warning! We decide on one of them or use them interchangeably.

Very well suited here treadmill and stationary bike, and the best solution would be to choose such a device which, thanks to built-in sensors, "they have their finger on the pulse" almost literally.

We can choose workout at the gym, but you can also practice at home. Better results are achieved by practicing in the gym, and already best practice under the supervision of an instructor.

Equipment for aerobic training

Depending on the muscle groups that will be trained to choices:

Stepper - the most modern steppers give us the opportunity to exercise for the whole body. With the ability to work side movement not only our muscles of the buttocks and thighs but also the abdominal muscles and spinal muscles.

Best to choose equipment that is equipped with a counter, so we can control for example. Calories burned, number of kilometers traveled.

Warning! We do not recommend exercises stepperach with columns, because on the basis of the steppe on the arm, legs and relieves the effect of exercise will not be so big.

Stationary bicycle - people who are overweight or joint problems should exercise on a bicycle.

Adjust the saddle plays an important key role, because the lower they are set, including our muscles must work harder.

There are two types of bikes:

  • Traditional
  • Horizontal - the legs while driving are directed to the front and the back propped at the back.

Oars - a lot of people thought that during exercise on this device only engages muscles in their hands.

And that's a mistake.

Oars an excellent exercise leg muscles (especially the biceps). They work well as our buttocks and abdominal muscles. The latest models are equipped with calorie counters and show the distance that swim. Practicing on wioĊ›larzu can burn about 400 calories per hour.

Treadmill - this device model the muscles of our lower half of the body. Training plan should look like, that selects the number of kilometers driven per hour. Treadmills are the latest generation of adjustable tilt angle, thus enabling a more intense effort.

The latest models are equipped with a monitor that tells us about the number of kilometers traveled and the number of calories burned by us.

Warning! Hour workout on a treadmill can burn 500 calories.

If we want to endure an hour on the treadmill, it is in order should be in very good shape, because at the beginning you need to choose a program tailored to our physical abilities. Those who need more motivation, should choose group activities, in this case saying "under the merrier" actually works.

Classes, which are intended to form the lower part of the body:

ABT - we model here buttocks, abdomen and thighs. We start with a 15 minute warm-up (choreography or warm-up exercises).

Accessories used during classes include:

  • steppe
  • weight and platform
  • rubber

These classes are designed for all persons, regardless of age and condition.

BBS - a system of exercises that allows for modeling abdomen and hips, ending strechingiem to prevent muscle pain.


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