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Honey acne treatment

Manuka Honey acne cure

Honey is used in cosmetics for thousands of years. Although the most common is known as a food product, it works very well on the skin.

Smooths, nourishes and moisturizes, making the skin becomes youthful appearance. New Zealand Manuka honey also helps get rid of troublesome pimples.

Honey in cosmetics

Cleopatra already knew and used the unique properties of honey. Her honey - milk baths have become almost legendary. To date, the honey used in the production of cosmetics. Enzymes, hormones and substances with antibacterial properties contained in honeys make their effect on the skin is very versatile.

Honey moisturizes, regenerates, purifies and softens the skin. It is an excellent ingredient in homemade masks. The honey also contains flavonoids responsible for removing free radicals from the body and known for its anti-aging action.

Manuka honey to treat acne

People struggling with burdensome pustules are particularly recommended Manuka honey. Produced in New Zealand product has unique properties that can help deal with acne.

Thanks to the presence of methylglyoxal, Manuka honey helps to care for your skin. It can be applied to the skin as a mask or used to create homemade cosmetics. Just mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of ground almonds, two tablespoons of oatmeal and lemon juice. Such a mix gently massage the face.

It's the perfect way to clean the skin in a natural way. Honey can also be applied to the skin alone without the addition of other ingredients. Before applying the mask with the golden product, of course, remember the thorough cleaning of the face.

The diet in the treatment of acne

Fighting acne will not be effective when you do not combine it with a healthy diet. Skin condition is influenced not only cosmetics that we use on the skin, but also what it nourish skin from the inside.

A large amount of vegetables and water, easily digestible meals - all this affects our skin. But here it is recommended honey, because not only the surface apply it on the skin to relieve and improve her condition.

Equally effective working his regular food. The beneficial for the skin because components can also act from the inside, thus improving the metabolism of the skin cells. Manuka honey consumption to benefit treatment of the skin and thus a positive effect on her appearance.


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