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Professional ear cleaning

How to properly cleanse the ears?

Earwax is a product of cells that are in the skin lining the auditory canals. It is essential for the proper functioning and ear protection. Moisturizes and nourishes the eardrum, and above all, protects you against bacteria, fungi, insects and other small debris.

Note! Earwax contains in its composition bactericidal substances, and as a result of movements of the mandible moves in the ear canal, purifying it.

Unfortunately, very often wax deposits can persist in the ear canals.

Note! This situation may result in abnormalities of the external ear, but made bad hygiene. It may also happen that wax is produced in very large quantities.

Clogged ears

The formation of deposits in a remote part of the ear canal (near the eardrum) is caused by overproduction and retention of wax. They form the so-called. caps.

Such a situation in the first place leads to problems with receiving sound. There is a feeling of clogged ears, and besides, as a result of pressure on the eardrum can occur dizziness, headache, roaring in the ears.

In the initial phase, you could nothing but deal with surging wax in the ears, but often it is necessary to visit an ent doctor who washings special ear syringe or it can also planing of residual wax. Also check that did not arise in the ear inflammation - then you will need to use ear drops.

Proper cleaning of the ears

With proper hygiene ears avoid problems arising from the residual wax.

Note! Above all, avoid cleaning ears cotton buds, which firstly - irritate the skin inside the ear canals, thereby causing increased production of earwax, and besides their use most often pushes into the deposits and causes the formation of canapés.

Cotton buds can also damage the skin, and the worst case eardrum.

Note! Ears rinse with warm water and soap using your own fingers.

You can also buy in a pharmacy preparations which help not only in proper hygiene ears, but also dissolve the excess wax and stop the formation of "canapés" hindering the hearing.

They are drops or sprays, easy to use and safe for health. After applying wax is dissolved in a few minutes. You can then rinse with saline or while bathing.

Note! Through regular use of such preparations avoid the use of sticks, which can damage the ear canal, otherwise will prevent the formation of deposits and restore the natural environment in the pipes aids, and thus decrease the natural production of earwax.


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