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Best way to get rid of belly fat

How to effectively lose weight from the belly?

Eat every 3 hours because the body must get used to receive energy at fixed times of the day, you do not convert it to fat.

Warning! The biggest culprits deposition of fat on the abdomen is sugar and bread (any kind). You can not completely abandon the carbohydrates, but do not combine them with fats - this is the caloric bomb! No snacking between meals because the digestive system must have time to relax.

Sleep and relaxation

Excess abdominal fat is often associated with excess cortisol (a stress hormone). This is due to many factors:
  • too little sleep (8 hours is the absolute minimum for thinness);
  • drinking too much, which stimulates the nervous system.
It is to change bad habits and try to relax more often. You can also subscribe to the exercise of a relaxation. Ideal may be in this case yoga, which mutes and extends pospinane muscle.

Basis belly care

The skin of the belly is exposed to stretching so you should take care of it every day. The use of cosmetics slimming counts regularity and the application connect with massage.

Preparations which are intended to firm the skin, should include:

  • fruit acids;
  • coffee extract and algae;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • ginseng;
  • L-carnitine.

Also firming skin in the shower, pouring her alternate stream of cold and hot water.

Exercises for a flat belly

Most mistakenly think that to burn fat around the abdomen, need daily torture to exercise their muscles. Meanwhile, regardless of physique, lose weight with aerobic exercise (jogging, Nordic walking, cycling).

Therefore, organize yourself so aerobic workout every other day. It should take 40 minutes. After returning home, do 3 sets of crunches, each with 20 reps.


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