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Natural liver cleanse recipe

One-day liver cleansing

Treatment of liver from toxins promotes one day cure a mixture prepared with olive oil and lemon juice or grapefruit.

How to prepare for cleansing the liver?

According to Chinese medicine liver cleansing is best done in the spring, because then the liver is the strongest. It is worth to do it over the weekend.

Note! A week earlier, go to a vegetarian diet, during which you will gradually reduce the amount of protein in your meals.

Treatment of liver cleansing

Mix 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup of juice. On the day of surgery last meal, eat at 13. 16 hours also should not drink any fluids.

At 16, 18 and 20 drink after 1/2 cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of bitter salt (available at the pharmacy). Filtrate mixture slowly, preferably through a straw.

Note! After a while, you feel a strong need for a bowel movement. Potion can be used even every two weeks - excluding the winter months.
A little milder form of the application by three months in the morning on an empty stomach tablespoons of olive oil and bout her spoon of lemon juice or grapefruit, but the effects will have to wait longer.

Purification of parasites

To cleanse the body of parasites, perform treatment 100% oil of oregano.

How to use: a cup of boiled and already cold water add 2 drops of essential oil and a drink once a day. You can also 2 drops of essential oil diluted with a tablespoon of olive oil.

Note! Feeling hot or burning in the esophagus after taking the oil is normal. Oil of oregano treatment not use for longer than 17 days. Never do not take it undiluted.
In the course of taking a probiotic swallow oil for example. Acidophilus. This treatment can not be used in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under the age of 12.


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