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Accelerate metabolism

How to speed up metabolism?

Very many people are not able to achieve the dream of training goals and results for which they work due to slow metabolism. When months and exhausting hours spent on exercises do not give results, it is worth considering the cause.

Why metabolism fails?

Slow metabolism is usually the result of bad and ill-nutrition. Hoping for a spectacular and rapid results, excessively restrict your calorie intake throughout the diet or reducing the number of meals during the day. The result is a shift in our body to save and storage.

How to deal with this situation and avoid mistakes that lead these problems?

First of all, you should realize what they are and how they work metabolic processes. Thanks to all accepted that we eat is broken down into prime factors and digested. Nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and leftovers are eliminated.

A working metabolism our body provides necessary for the survival energy which is used for regulating the operation of the internal organs, brain and maintain a constant body temperature.

The metabolic rate is dependent on factors such as age, sex, body weight, genetics and hormones. Metabolism and irregularities in its functioning are the cause of excessive weight gain.

These problems, linked to the a / m factors as well as changes resulting from civilization, sitting modes of life, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet, cause worries many people. It is also worth mentioning about the disease of civilization and its impact on the functioning of the whole body - stress.

Long-term impact of stress causes complete deregulation of hormones. Those who are subjected to stress permanent "forget" about eating and do not eat food even for several agrees. It destroys the body.

What else is harmful to us?

The use of so-called. fasting. The sharp reduction in calorie intake is a kind of warning signal to your body that succeeded by "hard times". When eat more than a time is needed, the body is put aside as fat. It is true that thanks to fasting decreases body weight - but mostly we lose muscle tissue, which is essential for burning calories. It creates a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out

So how do we help ourselves?

Turn up the metabolism!

To avoid problems with slow metabolism, you must first take care of a balanced, well-laid diet. It should take a look at the term "postprandial thermogenesis", which means an increase of heat generation under the influence of food intake and thereby increasing energy expenditure.

The most thermogenic proteins, so it is important to their inclusion in the daily menu. It is extremely important not only what we eat but also when - as far as possible be paid timing of food intake.

Research shows because the meals that are consumed at fixed times, definitely a positive influence on the metabolic rate.

For problems with metabolism should increase the number of meals (5 to 8 per day), at the expense of volume and of course to ensure that consumption takes place regularly at specified intervals.

A very good way to overclock your metabolism is to add to eat spicy foods. The most popular chilli contains an alkaloid called capsaicin, which is responsible for its sharp burning taste, which - as shown by the incident - stimulates the body to burn fat more efficiently, which can also contribute to the reduction of body fat.

The diet should not miss out fiber, which is not soluble in water and not by the body or absorbed or digested. Its main task is to stimulate the action of the digestive system and speed up bowel movement, so that it becomes easier to get rid of lingering in the body substances.

With fiber body absorbs less sugars from foods, as part of the glucose is associated with fiber and is excreted with him. Fiber also creates a feeling of satiety - the large quantities can be found in vegetables, fruit and bran cereals.

What else?

It is necessary to supply an appropriate amount of B vitamins that are essential for the absorption of carbohydrates and during digestion of proteins and fats. And of course water! With the nutrients are dissolved, transported, and metabolic products removed.

Dehydration can cause a decrease in body temperature and thus slowing down the metabolic processes. Average daily body's need for water is about 1.5 -2 l but it varies with temperature.

Training for better metabolism

Another aspect contributing to the improvement of metabolic physical activity. By wrong lifestyle metabolism slows steadily.

This means that the caloric intake is reduced and the calories that once were not a problem start to accumulate around the waist and hips.

What to do?

The easiest and most effective way is to subscribe to a fitness club and gym. Muscles burn energy even when it does not work - it is important to have as many as possible.

A large number of muscles accelerates the resting metabolic rate, and therefore 2-3 training during the week are particularly recommended for people who want to speed up metabolism.

The ideal type of workout is interval training, which, unlike the classic aerobic training means that calories are burned not only during the workout but long after its completion.

Such training involves alternating high intensity work interspersed with relaxation phase. If you do not like the gym - we offer outdoor fitness. Jogging, biking, inline skating, Nordic walking. Any form of physical activity is good, as long as it is intense.

The last important element is the dream. We should devote to it at least 7 hours per day. Secreted during sleep is the greatest amount of hormones, which have later impact on appetite, ability to cope with stress and many other factors that influence the course of metabolic processes.


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