Kefir weight loss

Diet kefirs

One of the more famous ways of cleansing the body is through diet kefirs. She has won many fans thanks to its effectiveness. However, in order to bring the desired results, it must be applied correctly and follow all indications. Thus, it is designed for people with strong will and determined.

Kefir for weight loss

All the diet is based on the basis of kefir. Throughout the period of its use we drink it in large quantities, but at this dose, which will satisfy our hunger. Therefore, in this case thinking "less is better" is incorrect.

Slowly decrease the amount of food you eat, displacing them just kefir. At first, a good way in one day intake of fat cottage cheese, and in another drink kefir only for two days. Then turn to your diet gradually introduce vegetables cooked or raw and cooked meat on the last day.

Warning! It is worth noting that the size of the beginning of the meal were reduced and then slightly increased.

Another way to lose weight with kefir

The second way is a bit different, but equally effective. Every day eats up another dish, but the base is of course kefir. So we in the day to eat potatoes with kefir, in the second of boiled chicken with kefir, and then vegetables or fruit with kefir.

This method can be used for 5 days, bearing in mind that in the fourth day comes only kefir, and the last day of mineral water. It is intended to cleanse the body.

Warning! This diet can not be used more frequently than every 2 months because its actions can be disadvantageous. Also prohibited is the continuous drinking kefir itself, because it results in destruction and decreased immunity. In addition, it is very important to the menu to add new products to prevent the yo-yo effect.
To this nutritional plan does not become too monotonous, kefir can substitute buttermilk or flavored milk drink. Curdled milk or yogurt, a great alternative to kefir. They all have a salutary effect on the functioning of our body.

How to make homemade kefir?

Needed ingredients:

  • min. 1 sachet of bacteria in the preparation of kefir
  • 2 liters of pasteurized milk or UHT milk (full fat, or skim milk powder). We can use both cow's milk and goat, or even soy.

Warning! If you chose unpasteurized milk, powinnieneĊ› boil them first to get rid of all unwanted bacteria that could contaminate kefir.

Preparation step by step

To prepare kefir need milk at room temperature approx. 24-26 ° C. Therefore, if the milk was heated, it must be cooled down, and if it has been removed from the refrigerator, allow it to reach room temperature.

Then open the sachet and add to milk its contents. The whole was mixed until complete dissolution bacteria.

Milk dissolved cultured tightly cover and leave at room temperature (20-24 ° C) to obtain the desired consistency kefir. Under such conditions, the milk comes into contact within 18-24 hours of the cover.

Note: The milk should not be in the mix this time.
After cutting insert kefir milk in the fridge to cool (preferably 12 hours).

Kefir is ready for consumption. It can be stored in the refrigerator for approx. 3 days.

Warning! Thus prepared kefir is an excellent accompaniments. It can be served with fruit, muesli, bran, can also be used to prepare savory dressings and sauces to salads. It is worth to try it with bread, potatoes (refreshing and refreshing dish, recommended during the hot summer), in conjunction with other products or dishes (eg. pancakes). 


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