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What will help me sleep?

What will help insomnia?

Warning! 2-4 weeks, a period during which you can safely use sleeping pills, because when you swallowed it longer, it then practice insomnia and harder it will get you beat.

How to sleep, to rest?

The problem with insomnia will typically when we can not cope with the difficult situation at work, at home or in contacts with friends. The cause problems with sleep may also be a disease, eg. hyperthyroidism or rheumatism.

The problem you should always consult with your doctor.
Help you need to look at lifestyle changes, diet or painkillers. If you want to end up with insomnia, then you must also determine what actually have a problem. It will help you then be easier to find a solution.

Trouble sleeping

If you have spent half an hour flips from side to side, trying unsuccessfully to sleep, they suffer from the most common form of insomnia - difficulty falling asleep.

Well then before bedtime drink a cup of lemon balm instead of coffee or strong tea. Switch off the light, we put out and not think about what awaits us tomorrow.

You have to think, shakedown yourself in a warm bed and not have to do anything.

Waking up in the middle of the night

People who fall asleep easily, but several times during the night they wake up and their sleep is interrupted - according to experts suffer from sleep disorders to the inability to maintain sleep.

The problem may lie in thinking about unpleasant events or too hearty dinner. So you should try to eat the last meal three hours before bedtime.

Picking up the crack of dawn

If you would like to sleep a few hours or even really wants to extend the dream to the day to feel rested, but none of it comes because we are excited, anxious, and we fear that due to lack of sleep not manage duties.

When this condition persists without clear grounds for a few weeks, then you try to go to bed an hour later. There is a chance that the wake is also later than usual.

Getting up from the bed unrefreshed

We sleep well, and in spite of it after waking up we are not relaxed, our dream is too shallow, not restorative.

Then you should ask a loved one, or eg. Not snore and for this reason several times a night out will not awaken. Usually it turns out to be a good help ventilate the room, change the pillow or mattress to improve the comfort of sleep.

The best sleeping position

On the belly - the position suitable for young and healthy people. Facilitates breathing.

Unsuitable for people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux and those that complain of backache, neck posture because it is unnatural, and her strong turn can make the will to lock circles.

On his back - the position suitable for people who have a healthy spine. The system, which causes the spine back to its natural position and the best rest after a long day. Pillows should be as small as possible.

Unsuitable for people who snore, as well as for people with lordosis (curvature of the lower spine).

Sit half - suitable for people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease and congestive heart failure and related dyspnoea. The position that facilitates ventilation of the lungs and reduces blood flow to the heart.

Curled up - position suitable for people who suffer from sleep apnea. In this position, the airways are clear and easier to take the air.

Unsuitable for people who spend most of the day, head down (eg. on documents or books).

On the side - position, which is suitable for pregnant women. Top lay on the left side. Position preventing swelling, haemorrhoids and providing for proper blood flow to the heart and brain of mother and child.

Unsuitable for people who suffer from migraines. Head is unnaturally bent and charged to the cervical spine and neck muscles.

Sleep problems may adversely affect our condition:

  • the immune system - it regenerates at night and when we sleep well, less infections attack us, and this is because during sleep is secreted into the blood more bodies immune than during the day;
  • diabetes - while we sleep, our body begins to better manage sugar and arises when a suitable dose of insulin, which lowers blood glucose levels. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes;
  • strong heart - at night slows down its rhythm and lowers blood pressure. Proper sleep reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and all in a night's rest breaks are perceived by the body as a threat and therefore produces stress hormones (such as adrenaline, which raises blood pressure);
  • slimming - when we sleep, our body produces more satiety hormone, leptin, and less appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin. In people with insomnia of these proportions. People rested less they eat and are not easily tempted by sweet and fatty snacks;
  • protection against cancer - during sleep is isolated in our body hormone melatonin, which tells the cell that time to recover and when this process will be conducted properly, the risk of developing cancer is reduced.

Herbs for a good night's sleep

Melissa - with a nervous day, when we feel excited, it is worth to brew herbal tea or drink a teaspoon of syrup, which contains calming lemon balm. You can reach eg. The final formulation Melisana Klosterfrau.

Valerian - relaxation will come after taking a preparation which contains extracts of valerian. In a more stressful period they can enjoy not only by bedtime, but also during the day.


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