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Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and treatment

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - symptoms and treatment

The first symptom of incipient rheumatic disease, it suddenly appearing pain and edema (continuous or suddenly appearing and disappearing). It often happens that people are trying to wait out using painkillers, and then the disease develops.

 No treatment will cause damage to the joint, and the consequence will be to reduce the possibility of movement.

Diseases of the joints

Rheumatism = 200 different diseases of the joints. The most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


As for osteoarthritis, it is most often affects people aged 50-60 years. It is caused by damage that arises as a result of overloading, which over the years are subject to the joints.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • arthralgia;
  • making the movement;
  • swelling, distortion.

Degeneration of the spine leads to the destruction of the intervertebral discs, which are called disks. If we shall drive or just to move, then this will cause pressure on the nerves, and this will cause chronic back pain or sciatica.

The symptom of sciatica is a sudden or chronic and severe pain that radiates to the leg.

In the case of degeneration of the cervical spine, there is a pressure on nerves and blood vessels. This may cause dizziness, chronic shoulder pain, as well as disorders of consciousness.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid arthritis  affects mostly women aged 30-60 years. The disease can start suddenly, but can also develop through the years.

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

  • pain and swelling of the joints of hands, sometimes knees and feet;
  • in the early stages of the disease often occurs fever;
  • rheumatoid nodules;
  • limitation of mobility;
  • stiffness in the joints.

How to defend against diseases of joints?

Have healthy joints, then you have the smooth muscles, tendons and their trailers.

Best to focus your attention on the muscles, because we have not the greatest impact. It should be strengthened gymnastics, walks, eg. work in the garden, etc.

Warning! Movement should be differentiated, because then they will work a variety of muscles and definitely should avoid repetitive hours of action or position, or do yourself a break from time to time and for a second use other muscles. This can be eg. a walk in the place, turning the wrist, stretch your back, dragging himself.

Degenerative diseases often develop as a result of excess weight, so you have to fight with excess weight.

Warning! Eating vegetarian reduces symptoms in inflammatory diseases.

How to care for ponds?

Rheumatic diseases affected a lot of people. Every third person who reports to a doctor complaining about the joints. Most pain is caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

How do you help?

  • if irons clothes, then do it in a sitting position, and the board set at the height of your deck;
  • vacuuming the apartment, adjust the length of the tube so as to always have your back straight;
  • lift heavy objects in this way, with the first catch, and then straighten the knee;
  • avoid immobility, change positions as often as your body, you will then unilaterally charged to the spine;
  • if you have to sit any longer, it periodically stand up and walk;
  • sitting in the chair, do not pull the leg forward;
  • do not move the furniture, move it across the floor, you can do eg. on pieces of thick material;
  • countertops in the kitchen should be about 6-8 cm below the elbows and sink should be fixed so that did not have to stoop when washing dishes.

Test joint disease

1) Do you feel the morning arthralgia hand?

Yes No

2) Do you often feel pain in the knee or hip?

Yes No

3) Do you have trouble getting up in the morning out of bed?

Yes No

4) Do you often are you feverish?

Yes No

5) Does someone in your immediate family suffers from any rheumatic disease?

Yes No

6) Do you ever awakened in the night acute joint pain?

Yes No

While at least one question answered yes, then you should consult your family doctor, and he will issue a referral to a rheumatologist.

Domestic way to a sudden attack of pain

A cold compress - helps with sudden pain and visible swelling, particularly of the lower limbs. This may be eg. The bag with ice (frozen), which can be easily arranged at the affected site. The bag should be wrapped in a cloth so as not to freeze their bodies.

You can also buy in a pharmacy easy to cool compresses.

Sore limb is immobilized well, or at least save some time.


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