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Treating athlete's foot

As cure athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot - persistent disease year-round, which will be attached when they have, it's very difficult to get rid of her.

The dream conditions for it is the heat and humidity. Therefore, the ideal place for its development are our shoes. The autumn weather makes the place an airy flip-flops and sandals, we must assume his feet socks, shoes, and then wellies and boots

A few hours spent in the wear warm interior makes our feet start to sweat. Also, soaking the feet and leaving them in wet shoes promotes the development of athlete's foot.

Warning! When the rain out to get you, be sure to dry your feet and change shoes.

How to avoid athlete's foot?

You will need good shoes for chilly days.

Warning! Leather footwear needs until the day, to give moisture, which is absorbed from the feet, during one exit. Thus, people who use such footwear should obtain the second pair and use them alternately. It should also be slippers to work, because thus avoiding the overheating feet.

After each wash, always carefully wipe feet. We do not borrow from anyone towel, nail clippers, socks or shoes.

Warning! In a public sauna or pool should walk in flip-flops.

Symptoms of fungal infection and treatment

The first symptoms of this disease are redness and itching of the skin between the toes. The skin may also locally peel off.

Warning! Ignoring these symptoms cause of the itch attack or nails. There will be a discoloration (at the beginning white, then yellow) and the nail plate to become brittle. Begins to stratify and crack. It will be getting thicker and furrowed.

There is no need to wait for this turn of events, and if you notice any worrying changes, then you need to go to a dermatologist.

Typically, in the initial stage of fungal infection helps to lubricate the nail varnish or ointment, and the acceptance of fungicides.

Warning! The treatment is successful, when will work systematically.

Athlete's foot treatment lasts from 3 to 12 months.

Warning! The condition for successful treatment of tinea pedis is appropriate mycological diagnosis (correct indication of the type of fungus that attacked tissue). The doctor will look under the microscope collected tissue to be etched alkali solution.

The individual mushroom species react differently to this substance and it allows you to specify the type of ringworm. Then your doctor will perform planting and selects the appropriate medication.


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