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How to stop sweating?

Excessive sweating

Sweating is needed to regulate body temperature, and the odor is a side effect of this process, which is caused by bacteria. The body must secrete sweat to the body is not overheated. This necessary process easier for dressing up during the summer in the airy stuff.

Warning! Depilated armpits, taking care of hygiene and a good choice of deodorant to help you stay fresh all day.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?

Although both types of cosmetics fighting the unpleasant smell of which arises due to perspiration, different action.

Warning! Deodorant than to mask the smell of sweat. It reminds refreshing fragrance body mist or eau de toilette. Suitable for people who do not sweat much. Antiperspirant reduces perspiration and is completely safe for the functioning of the body, because it blocks the sweat glands only where it is applied - is only a few percent of the surface of the skin. Runs 24,48 or 72 hours or even longer, if it is imposed another portion of the cosmetic. It can be scented or unscented.

The fact you need to know ...

Persons with sensitive skin should choose cosmetics containing ingredients which can irritate: alcohol, preservatives (parabens), fragrances and coloring agents.

Warning! Information about the manufacturer put always on the packaging.

The sales are now available formulations without aluminum salt (aluminum), although the act somewhat less effective. They have a lot of followers because of unsubstantiated scientific opinion about the harmfulness of this component.

Spray, stick or ball?

Deodorants are the most common form of sprays, antiperspirants but also balls, cream, stick or stone (natural alum). Sprays are very easy application and give an immediate feeling of freshness.

But the preparations that should be applied directly to the skin tend to be more effective. However, they require prior cleaning (eg. a damp handkerchief).

How to deal with excessive sweating?

Very important is hygiene. The shower should be taken twice a day, and during the heat even more. It is also possible to use anti-bacterial soap.

Underwear should be breathable natural fiber.

Of great importance it is also suitable diet. We must reduce the garlic, onions, chives and hot spices and alcohol because they make the smell of sweat is extremely unpleasant.

It should also reach for herbs that help reduce excessive sweating.

Hyssop - bath can add hyssop, which has antibacterial and reduces the sweat glands. the infusion of hyssop can also be drunk, but not more than 3 times a day for half a cup. It can be mixed with sage, because their properties complement each other well.

Sage - helps with excessive sweating because it contains, among others, volatile oils, vitamin B, tannins, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Drink infusion of sage. You can also rub off on fine dust the leaves and rub them underarm skin. It also helps compresses. Brewed sage, soak the cheesecloth and apply it for a few minutes at the armpits, hands or feet.

Malwa - the component most deodorants feet. The house should prepare baths with mallow or wash your hands, feet and armpits infusion of the flowers. Excessive sweating also mitigate ready tea with the addition of mallow.

Essential oils - when sweat feet, you might want to buy a cedar or peppermint oil. Ideally suited for gentle massage. Not only they make the feet will sweat less, but also make it easier to fall asleep. The feet should be massaged after an earlier dip, eg. In the infusion of sage. The massage should last for approx. 20 minutes. Repeat treatment twice a week.


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