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MS treatment

Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatment

The most likely cause of multiple sclerosis, according to doctors is called. an autoimmune process, which consists in the fact that the immune system recognizes the myelin (nerve fibers) as well as foreign tissue and opposes it.

The biggest problem a person who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) is like the fastest access to appropriate treatment.

The course of MS is variable, and difficult to predict. It can be mild, as well as the rapid, which leads to high disability.

Warning! The first five years of the disease can indicate how it will proceed, in an individual.

Multiple sclerosis majority of patients in the initial phase manifests itself by a temporary deterioration of the condition (ie. relapses). Symptoms eg. every few days, weeks or months. After that the patient's condition improves partially or completely (ie. remission). This condition may last for several months or several years. It is relapsing-emission course of the disease.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

The disease can manifest itself in different ways. Everything depends on the location of outbreaks in the nervous system.

The most common symptoms of MS include:

  • fatigue that occurs suddenly and without reason;
  • altered vision, decreased visual acuity, optic neuritis, nystagmus;
  • loss of balance, tremors, unsteady gait, incoordination, paresis;
  • tingling, numbness, burning hot, chronic pain;
  • slurred speech, difficulty swallowing,
  • short-term memory loss, difficulty concentrating or logical thinking, depression.

Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

The disease is not easily recognizable, and this is because many cyanotic diseases have similar symptoms.

With the help comes here:
  • magnetic resonance imaging, which shows damage to the central nervous system;
  • examination of cerebrospinal fluid, which will determine if the central nervous system goes on inflammation and electrophysiological test, which checks the reactions visual and auditory nerves.
Warning! For all studies necessary to be referred by a neurologist.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis

Treatment is aimed at slowing the progression of the disease and relief of the symptoms and prolonged delay between relapses and disability progression.

As used are steroids, so. immunomodulatory, which protect the nervous system or reduce the activity of the immune system, so as not to attack nerve fibers.

Remember! Multiple sclerosis can completely prevent normal life. Therefore it is very important to early diagnosis, which will appropriately chosen treatment, and it can inhibit the development of MS. MS among those who most frequently between the ages of 20-40 years, which is fully active. 


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