Ways to help you fall asleep

Trouble sleeping

Listen to the music. Relieving stress to select music by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. Listening Canon in D Major Pachelbel well de-stresses: reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate also facilitates sleep.

Do yourself a massage. For many people, the most anti-stress are activities that are related to the body and touch massage, relaxation exercises (yoga, tai chi).

Warning! Every day before going to bed take a self massage: Sit up straight, place the tips of the fingers of the left hand just below the sternum (on the solar plexus), breathe deeply 2-3 times. Draw 10 circles around the solar plexus in the direction of clockwise.

Make sure you smell nice. Aromatherapy reduces stress and evokes a dream. You can light a scented candle, sprinkle lavender oil cushion.

Aromas and infusions for sleep

Fragrance and essential oils, which are contained in some herbs soothe and help you fall asleep. Before going to bed take a bath with lavender or essential oil cosmetics, spray lavender scent in the room.

Warning! Drink a cup of brew with lemon balm and hops, which helps you fall asleep, it prevents waking up during the night and relieves stress.

Preparation: 1 teaspoon hops and lemon balm leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Brew 10 minutes.

Dosage: drink half an hour before bedtime.

A good dinner will help you fall asleep

Low levels of serotonin and magnesium in the body can also cause problems with falling asleep.

Warning! Therefore, the last before bedtime meal should be rich in tryptophan, which is changed into serotonin. For dinner prepare eg. tuna salad with wholemeal pasta and eat oatmeal cookie.

Electronics and insomnia

If the long evenings working at the computer or watching TV in bed, it can also be a cause of stress hindering sleep.

Staring at a computer monitor or television screen, artificially to radiation, which causes dysregulation of circadian rhythm.

Warning! This is a serious disorder and a big stress for the body. Therefore, the best finish work on the computer at least three hours before bedtime. Do not watch TV either in bed or do not use the tablet.


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