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Why quit smoking?

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is a habit from which it is difficult to break. Many people establishes itself as a New Years resolution or a birthday party that ends with cigarettes - often, unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that the strong will lose the desire to inflammation.

If you are wondering whether to quit smoking read the text below and see what benefits it brings to quit smoking.

Quit smoking to health

The first reason why you should quit smoking are: health, health and health again!

Smoking harms, everyone knows this, and the information about the dangers of addiction are provided on each package of cigarettes. Smoking can contribute to the emergence of diseases such as lung cancer (lung cancer is now the most common cancer), pancreatic cancer, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.
Warning! Keep in mind that when you quit the habit, even many years, our body is able to regenerate, and the risk of developing diseases associated with cigarette smoking decreases even to the level of risk inherent in people who never smoked.
Moreover throwing burning care about the health of not only his, but also people from our environment because it does not expose them to tobacco smoke, commonly known as passive smoking!

In addition, cigarette smoking adversely affects the skin, hair, teeth and nails, which may be an argument especially important for women. If so we want to take care of a healthy and attractive appearance cigarettes should end up in the trash!

How to quit smoking? - general guidelines

You know that the time was right for you to quit smoking. Think for a moment, what are the main reasons why quitting smoking. Try to remind yourself of the reasons as often as possible.

Consider visiting a doctor for help and advice doctor would welcome information about your decision to quit smoking and show treatment.

Date set for smoking cessation. Determined by your date is the day when you quit smoking. A smoker who had decided to designate a day on which stop smoking, and indeed it did. It has a better chance of success than someone who takes such a decision on impulse.

A deliberate decision to quit smoking date will allow you to schedule this test. And success depends precisely on a good program. Determined by the date you quit smoking is an important day, so here are the factors to be taken into consideration when choosing this date and in preparation for the day.

If you take a treatment that aims to help you quit smoking, be sure to follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer - carefully read the label and ask your pharmacist if you have any doubts Getting rid of the inventory of cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays from the apartment can go out you only good ..

Search for yourself and plan new activities to avoid situations that are associated with smoking and would encourage you to tego. Try to have your hands full. - You can, for example, obtain the "rubber gadget anti-stress" or draw yourself esses-floresy. No sit in your favorite chair and try to avoid places where usually smoked / were burning (eg. kitchen) Eat in another room or at another table than before. Try to stay in non-smoking as often as you can. Chew gum or sugar-coated tablets.

Be prepared to supply low-calorie snacks and a glass of water that you'll always have on hand as often as possible benefit from relaxation  Eat healthily and drink lots of water if you feel a sudden urge inflammation, find yourself something to do or try to breathe deeply - you go.

Focus on not to smoke on any given day - not thought to supply about what will happen tomorrow, next week, not to mention the next month. Evaluate your progress and congratulate yourself so far successful results. Devises his prize that cause you the money that you saved  by not buying cigarettes, eg, an extra output Quitting smoking is associated with the effects of psychological and physiological substrate.

Below, I suggest you some tips on how to deal with these consequences and practical advice on how to avoid the temptation to smoke a cigarette.

Problems with psychological background.

Would you like a cigarette? Breathe deeply, wash your teeth, chew gum or suck on sugar-coated tablets without sugar. You feel irritable, tense or stressed? Practice to improve your mood, breathe deeply, contact with a friend, take a long relaxing bath. Do you have difficulty concentrating?

Take a walk, get some fresh air, take a break, simplify your schedule for the next few days.
Remember - this problem will go in the coming days. Do you have trouble sleeping? Avoid coffee or tea late in the evening. You feel very tired / on? Try to be more active. Sleep during the day, if you will.

Problems with the physiological substrate

Do you have stomach problems? (on. bloating / wind or constipation)? Drink plenty of fluids. Make sure that your diet into a fiber eg. pulses, rice, cereals and whole grain bread, raw vegetables. If possible, try to practice more. Ask your doctor or pharmacist can suggest you some medicine to support your struggle against nicotine.

You cough or dripping nose? These are the signs of your body that regenerates itself after the devastation caused by smoking in it - in fact, they mean that health. These symptoms disappear after a few weeks of quitting cigarettes do not give us happiness, pleasure and support. Make only that we lose control over their lives.

How many times did not enjoy us a date or a meeting with friends in a place where you can not smoke, because in our head just scream "I need a cigarette !!!" Flinging smoking does not give up something great, but we gain the freedom and peace of mind. I threw several times and I will say only that to throw this monstrosity you really want.

Nothing by force! No willpower will not help, willpower brings us to yet more anguish. It helps a firm decision - "I do not want to smoke because to me unnecessary" s not the type of thought - "I would like to quit but I'm okay with that." Sometimes the "want" and "could" are two separate things and so it is with an addiction. That is why 100% success gives you -drogi smoker or throwing -positive already thinking about the fact of throwing.


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