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Heart failure treatment

Heart failure symptoms and treatment

If the heart is unable to pump enough blood, suffering from its failure. The risk increases with age.

What causes heart failure?

The causes for hypertension, coronary heart disease, the inflammation, defects, arrhythmia, disorders of metabolism, as well as anemia, kidney failure, thyroid disease, certain medications.
Warning! This disease causes a greater threat to life than breast cancer or bladder. Fortunately, modern drugs reduce the risk and improve the patient's condition.

Symptoms of heart failure

To the heart reaches the blood returning from the body. It pumps it to the lungs, where it picks up oxygen and directs it to the arteries that distribute it to the organs.
Warning! When the heart does not give advice, it reaches them too little oxygen and blood in them behind. This results in congestion of the lungs, liver and legs.
Then quickly we tire and wrap a cold sweat. There are shortness of breath, shallow breathing, shortness of breath, cough at night. Deteriorating digestion, it appears sleepy after a meal and swelling of the legs.

Increases the desire, it increases weight and reduces the amount of urine. During the day rarely we give him (often at night), because too little blood reaches the kidneys.

Treatment of heart failure

Drugs have different effects and are usually taken them a few at a time. They dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, so that relieve the heart. Reduce the number of its contractions and slow them down. Stimulate contraction with more energy and regulate its operation.

Increase the excretion of water and sodium, which causes the heart to become less congested.
Warning! It should also prevent blood clots. Therefore, drugs block, among others, vitamin K, so that the blood is rare.

The diet in heart failure

Patients with heart failure should limit their intake of salt, because it contains sodium, which promotes water retention in the body. Therefore, do not add salt to food preparation and should avoid foods with a high sodium content, eg. canned foods.

It is advisable to eat foods rich in potassium, which helps the functioning of the cardiac muscle cells and nervous system. In addition, many patients with heart failure using medication drainage, which could cause an excessive loss of potassium in the urine.

The aim should be to weight reduction but avoid excessive weight loss. It is recommended to limit consumption of animal fats and foods high in cholesterol because they are conducive to the development of atherosclerosis is responsible for the development of coronary artery disease, the most common cause of heart failure.

People with heart failure should avoid alcohol and reduce the intake of fluids to 1.5-2.0 liters per day.

The starter battery

A sick person also can be implanted pacemaker under the skin (on the chest). It controls the jog jobs and generates pulses that excite them. Starter connect with the heart of the electrode (the wires in the vein), which facilitate its contraction and relaxation of.

As a result, without any problems, it distributes blood.


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