How to raise blood pressure?

Raise blood pressure

Our heart pumps blood continuously in the blood vessels. When the heart muscle is shrinking, the pressure in these vessels (ie. systolic) - grows, and when he relaxes - drops.

Note! In a healthy person should pave pressure of 120 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury) in systole and 80 mm Hg diastolic heart. If these values fall to 90/60 mm Hg talking about hypotension.

The decrease in blood pressure

When blood pressure drops below normal, well-being to deteriorate. We are sluggish, lacking energy, weakens the ability to concentrate. They can occur headache, dizziness, tinnitus, scotomata, even heart palpitations. Feet and hands faster getting cold.

We suffer from increased sweating (especially during exercise) and had shortness of breath. Many people experience a slowing of thought processes and negative emotions.

What will help with low blood pressure?

Most often people with low blood pressure save a coffee drink. You can also reach for a cup of tea or yerba mate infusion. Both of these drinks are a source of caffeine, the operation of which is similar to caffeine, but work less intensively. But it is longer.

Note! In general, you should drink a lot, because in this way we increase the volume of circulating blood. It is recommended to drink up approx. 2.5 liters of fluid a day - in this amount also includes the juice or soup. You can also reach the small glass of alcohol, but this should not be more. In small doses of alcohol constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure in the larger running reverse.

Meals with low blood pressure

Frequent and regular meals provide the body with a constant supply of material to be processed into energy. Must be small: a feeling of satiety and full belly makes the blood is pumped into the area of the digestive system - and this brings sleepiness and lowers the blood pressure.

Note! Blood pressure increase, some herbs and spices - run smoothly, so you should use them in combination to enhance their performance (thyme, peppermint, marjoram). You can drink it in the form of teas (tablespoon dried flooded cup of boiling water). If this brew is sweetened with honey, it will be an extra boost of energy from glucose, the main component of honey.

Coffee for low blood pressure

This is the most common way to increase the pressure. Coffee is a source of caffeine - a substance which increases the blood pressure.

Note! With coffee, do not overdo it, because it leaches the body of magnesium and calcium. Drink no more than three cups per day, preferably with magnesium-enriched milk. 


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