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Modification of diet in renal disease

Diet in renal disease

The cause of the malfunction may e.g. kidney. Bacterial infection or disease, for example. diabetes. Diseased kidneys are unable to remove from the blood and excrete in the urine toxic products of metabolism.

Note! In extreme cases it is necessary dialysis (external cleaning). The patient must necessarily be under the care of a physician nephrologist. Diet is merely an adjunct to specialized treatment.

Principles of diet in renal disease

The diet should include a minimum of animal protein, to be replaced by vegetable protein.

Note! With a doctor should agree on how much fluid a day you can drink and do not use salt. 

The products recommended in the diet

  • milk, cottage cheese;
  • stale bread, cereal;
  • lean meat, sausages, fish;
  • soft-boiled eggs, steamed, in T-shirts;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • oil, soybean oil, sunflower and rapeseed oil, olive oil, margarine;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • sugar, honey, jam seedless;
  • compotes, jellies, puddings;
  • spices: sugar, lemon juice, dill, caraway, marjoram, salt in the amounts authorized by a physician,;
  • tea, juices. 

The products prohibited in the diet

  • fresh bread, flour (except potato);
  • cheeses, melted lard, bacon, bacon, margarine;
  • cured, smoked and canned, cured meats;
  • French fries, hash browns;
  • alcohol, hot spices.

An example of a protein-restricted diet menu

I Breakfast

Bread low protein, low sodium (100 g) butter (15 g), paste made from cottage cheese and dill fat (50 g), jam (30 g), tea with lemon (10 g of sugar)

II Breakfast

Low protein bread (50 g) of vegetable margarine (15 g), salad (50 g potatoes, carrots 50 g, 15 g of parsley, celery 15 g, 20 g of apple, sugar 5 g, parsley), mayonnaise (15 g)


Caraway soup with croutons (250 mL, Italian 50 g, cumin 5 g flour, starch and 5 g, 50 ml milk, low sodium, low-protein roll for toast 30 g), Squash (200 g) stuffed with rice (50 g dry) and meat (50 g ) + olive oil 10 g,


Strawberry jelly 250 ml (100 g of strawberries, 20 g of potato flour, sugar 10 g) with cream (20 g)


Bread low protein, low sodium (100 g) of vegetable margarine (15 g), honey (50 g), plum puree (100 g) Coffee with milk (200 ml milk, sugar 10 g)

A sample menu in the diet of potato

I Breakfast

Baked potatoes with herb butter and pepper (potatoes 200 g butter 20 g), peeled tomatoes (50 g), tea with lemon sugar (10 g)

II Breakfast

Fruit jelly sugar (15 g)


Baked potato slices (potatoes 300g, 10g oil, dill), cauliflower (cauliflower 100g butter 10 g), water from the fruit syrup


Salad with potatoes (potatoes 200 g, 50 g of apple, onion 20 g, 10 g of oil)


Apple dumplings with butter (15 g)
Mint tea sugar (10 g)


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