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Natural headache remedies

Home remedies for headaches

Headaches can tease us because of fatigue and lack of sleep, stress, congestion eyes, migraines ... Discover the ways in which fast face.

Cold weather or warm compress for headaches

You should try the one that best suits us. If the pain is associated with fatigue, relief can provide us cold. We attach to the forehead wet towel or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. If you have migraine (you can recognize it among the throbbing, pulsating pain, photophobia, sensitivity to noises and smells, nausea) may be helpful to uniform heating of the forehead and temples, which relaxes constricted blood vessels. The easiest way is applying a towel soaked in hot water.

Warning! Very effective are patches of thyme. We attach to the temples linen bags filled with herb brewed.

Relaxing tea for headaches

Reduce the psychological tension can fall asleep and regenerate the nervous system.

You can prepare it:

  • chamomile (tablespoon dried flowers per cup of boiling water, 10 minutes brewing under cover; drink strained before bedtime);
  • mint (preparation as with chamomile);
  • valerian (tablespoon of dried root per cup of boiling water, 15 minutes brewing under cover, drink strained at night). 

Oppression around the eyes headaches

By pressing on specific points on the body itself can bring relief to both headaches caused by stress and fatigue and migraine.

Grab your thumb and forefinger place on both sides of the nose, close to the inside corners of the eyes.

The second way is to put your index fingers just under the eyebrows (near the nose) and moving the tip along the brow line.

Warning! Oppression place for approx. One minute while doing small circular movements. The initial feeling of pain and a subsequent increase in temperature and a feeling of warmth that signals that we are doing it properly.

Soothing herbal scent of headaches

Some plants analgesic effect. Even the smell of them is sufficient for us to feel better. With headache check out: basil, lavender, marjoram, mint, geranium.

Warning! We can smell the fresh plants lun, eg. Derived from them essential oils, dripping 2-3 drops a handkerchief or rub them in temples (always according to the label).

A diet with vitamin A headache

Division beneficial to overload the organ of vision and ultimately reduce headache attacks. The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables that are a source of beta-carotene (which is converted to vitamin A). We recognize them for the yellow and orange color - peaches, apricots, carrots, pumpkin. A lot of syntax also contain onion, garlic and white radish, and watercress and spinach.

Warning! We cook steamed vegetables - remain more beta-carotene. At the end, add them drop of oil (fat helps the body absorb this substance).


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