Boosting metabolism

Products accelerate metabolism

According to the experts there are no miracle diets. Talking about this for a long time. If you want to take care of your silhouette and lose weight, you have to just eat rationally.

However, if your diet is actually okay, and your weight continues to grow, the reason for this may be many. With the sudden increase in weight can answer eg. illness (eg hypothyroidism). In healthy subjects, with weight gain may correspond to slow metabolism (the problem many women, especially after 40 years).

Then out of the situation is none other than the "trim" your kitchen.

It is also worth to your diet to introduce recommend products that help faster calorie burn and tame your appetite.

Products that will speed up your metabolism

Chilli - used instead of pepper. Contains capsaicin, which enables faster decomposition and burning extra fat and stimulates digestion.

Grapefruit - eat one fruit a day, preferably in the morning, because it will help reduce inventory tkani fat, and besides, stabilize blood sugar levels.

Chicory - add to salads, because it contains bitter substances stimulate the production of bile, which prevents accumulation of fat.

Kiwi - eat one fruit a day, because I cover the amount of the daily requirement for vitamin C, which helps in getting rid of body fat.

Ginger - throw it to salads and desserts, because it contains gingerol, which accelerates the burning of fat stored on the abdomen and internal organs.

Yogurt - just one cup of yogurt a day to supply the body with a dose of calcium, which activates fat burning.

Kawa - cup of coffee a day speeds up your metabolism by 15%, but unfortunately only temporarily. However, longer remove fatigue, and thus can, for example. More practice.

Olive oil - 3 tablespoons per day (you can for eg. sprinkle them a sandwich) provide monounsaturated fats, which facilitate the oxidation of fat.

Cherries - in the season should be eaten without restriction, because they contain anthocyanins conducive to burning fat, especially abdominal area.

Products favoring decreased appetite

Avocado - add to salads or make a paste out of it, because it contains fats, which stimulate the body to produce a hormone that reduces appetite.

Bitter chocolate - a strip of dark chocolate a day will reduce the level of stress hormone - cortisol, which is associated with the formation of appetite and fat donuts.

Apples - contain a lot of water unattended and fiber, and it does not cause excessive weight gain, and the very hard munching apples is the reason that we are satiated.

Peanuts - just eat two tablespoons of nuts a day, because they are fat, protein and fiber in proportions that will reduce appetite.

Pumpkin seeds - throw a salad instead of chips or munch, May because a lot of protein, which helps to reduce cravings for something sweet.

Buckwheat - is worth adding it to vegetables and fish, because it is easy to satisfy her for a few hours. You can not pour it greasy sauces. This is very important.

Lentils - ideal for soups. Contains resistant starch, which makes us feel satiated longer. Besides, it has in its composition protein, which slows down the digestion.

Broccoli - you can eat in unlimited quantities, because they are low in calories. They give a feeling of satiety for a long time, because they contain a lot of fiber.

Oatmeal - a great idea for breakfast. Contain most of cereal fiber, which stabilizes blood sugar and reduces appetite.


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