Signs and symptoms of depression

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is a disease where not all patients suffering from the same symptoms. Does not always have a depressed mood, do not always feel the emptiness or lack of active life. In some people, as the main symptom of sleep disturbance may occur, and in other physical ailments (such as headaches, back, abdomen, lower abdomen).

Currently we know that depression is a disease which is associated with malfunctioning of at least three neurotransmitters (are substances that allow communication between nerve cells) in the brain - serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. The circulation of these substances in the brain of patients with depression is simply not enough, but unfortunately do not yet have knowledge related to mechanisms that are causing it.

Depression is divided into exogenous (exterior), and thus one that is caused by a reaction to a dramatic survival (eg. bereavement), or somatic disorders, as well as endogenous (internal) when suffering from it without apparent reason.

Note! This second type of depression is more difficult to treat, but this does not mean that without success.

Depressed mood and grief after the loss of a loved one is a natural reaction, but when sadness takes too long (eg. a few months of mourning) and its consequence is the difficulty in daily functioning, then the doctor diagnosed depression.

Note! During the depression can not be taken important decisions in life, because then our perception of the world is very changed.

The main symptoms of depression

  • depressed mood;
  • feelings of sadness and neutralization;
  • inability to experience joy;
  • constant feeling of anxiety, fear;
  • panic attacks;
  • sleep disorders, interrupted sleep and wake up earlier;
  • loss of appetite and weight loss;
  • impaired memory and concentration (appear as one of the first and disappear as one of the last);
  • slowing the pace of thought and expression;
  • reduction in the speed and ease of making the simplest decision until no possibility of taking them at all;
  • release moves, in extreme cases, even to stillness;
  • decrease or total lack of interest in sex;
  • avoiding intimacy with loved ones. 

How to recognize depression?

Very often reflect on whether to change our mood is already depressed.

Note! Change from the usual humor depression is distinguished intensity and duration of symptoms. They can recur or persist for a long time and lead to difficulties in coping with everyday chores. Depression, especially that which is combined with fears or unpleasant, obsessive thoughts can lead to suicide.

Sadness and anxiety worsen especially in the morning. In the course of the day disappear and leave "only" anxiety or tension.

Most patients with depression is that this anxiety never completely leaves them.

Note! The family of the patient from depression should not ask him, "What you're afraid," and that's because he has no idea what, because his fear is irrational.

Somatic symptoms of depression are the reason that a person suffering from it believe that they are seriously ill - thyroid, heart, cancer, and so they go to visit several doctors and specialists, doing dozens of studies, which show that they are healthy, but that They still feel pain, it is persistently looking for its source.

Studies show that people with depression have a very, very low pain threshold and feel it in such situations, in which - being healthy - it would not feel pain.

Symptom that accelerates the visit to the doctor (usually a family doctor or neurologist and psychiatrist unfortunately very rare), is insomnia, which is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of depression or symptoms preceding it.

For people suffering from depression relapse worst is when you have the stubbornness of the first attack, they felt healthy and stop taking medication suddenly after a few months, or even years, all returns.

They feel defeated by the disease, but you have to remember here oo that the recurrence of depression also can be dealt with and also effectively treat it.

The doctor says that the results are excellent, but you do not have the energy and the will to live? Autumn long gone, and the gloom still does not leave you? If a vain struggle with depression, explore the story of a man who overcame the disease. Without medication. Without the help of doctors. The author has a degree in medicine or finite specialize in the treatment of depression, but it is something far more precious: the experience of winning the fight against this devastating disease.


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