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Cystic acne causes

Cystic acne causes

Acne can be for many persistent disease. This is for example the case of acne most frequently encountered form of the disease, or in the case of rosacea, where the presence of redness causes discomfort sick person.

But this is not the only variety. This is because even cystic acne. It is one of the most serious types of diseases. What are the characteristic symptoms, which is used treatment? These questions will certainly find and answers.

What characterizes cystic acne?

Cystic acne is quite characteristic symptoms. These are mainly inflammatory pimples, which often are referred to as cysts. Their touch is associated with feeling pain.

Such changes are noticeable mainly on the face, but they can also occur in other places throughout the body. You have to know that the resulting change very often spontaneously become enlarged. And in some cases it may even reach substantial expansion, which can take up to several centimeters.

The existence of such extensive acne helps people marked cystic acne have low self-esteem and experiencing many frustrations.

A few words about the causes of this kind of acne

Causes of cystic acne are similar to those which determine the formation of acne. It is so increased activity of androgens. Male hormones, affecting the glands leads to excessive production of sebum.

At the same time there is also an increased keratinization of the epidermis just vents, which consequently leads to clogging of the mouth of the sebaceous gland. As a result, they are displaying numerous blackheads - non-inflammatory form of acne. In turn, inflammation is created only when their activity will prove bacteria.

Inflammation is the cause of cracks sebaceous glands, and if this is at the skin surface, the form change easy to treat. If the inflammation will go to the neighboring state glands, it may cause nodules. In turn, the cysts formed due to breaking of the walls of the sebaceous glands.

It should also be aware that the formation of cystic acne is not closely related to improper diet or the use of unsuitable cleaning agents face, although these factors can only exacerbate change.

People at risk of cystic acne

Cystic acne does not necessarily appear in a person with acne skin. You can generally say that this type of illness can happen to anyone. It is worth noting that there are no ogólnoprzyjętych conditions that would indicate that this acne is characteristic only for men or only for women; there is also no indications that would indicate how typical of cystic acne among people in a particular age group.

How to cure cystic acne?

Surely most people encounter this condition wonders whether there are effective ways to combat cystic acne. Although it is severe form of the disease, it is a method which allows to eliminate the changes. Of course, we do not expect that treatment of acne in any case it will be efficient and rapid. Moreover, medical treatments are usually long lasting.

Starting treatment should first go to an experienced dermatologist, who will assess the size and type of acne and will arrange for an adequate treatment.

Cystic acne treatment will be based largely on the use of systemic drugs. Among these are the most commonly used antibiotics administered orally, antiandrogenic agents, as well as retinoids (administered orally).

When applying antibiotic therapy most commonly administered drugs are erythromycin and tetracycline. This type of antibiotics have proven very effective. At the beginning of treatment with these drugs are administered high doses and, over time the dosage is reduced.

As regards the oral retinoids, the most effective is isotretinoin, which helps to inhibit the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. In addition, it acts anti-inflammatory.

In addition to cystic acne winding it is also used hormonal treatment of acne. It consists in involving taking oral contraceptives (group of anti androgen).

Treatment may not relinquish! Unfortunately, many patients do not continue treatment due to the fact that it takes too long. And this is a mistake! Course of treatment recommended for use before, where changes will not disappear. If you neglect to treatment, then the consequences may be irreversible.

So it is in, when cystic acne at all is left unattended. It turns out that many people think that this type of acne as other varieties heal itself. Moreover, there are also those who attempt self-medication (eg. by squeezing the cyst). But you have to realize that and both proceedings often leads to the emergence of serious consequences. These include, for example, difficult to remove acne scars.


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