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Teeth health

How to have a healthy and nice teeth?

At least once every six months visiting the dentist every three months and replace toothbrush and not share it with anyone. Use a properly selected with fluoride toothpaste, liquid disinfectants, toothpaste, dental floss, as well as the blades to clean the surface of the tongue. After eating also chew sugarless gum: peppermint or eucalyptus.

Dental care with braces

Teeth nurtured like those without a camera, but much more often and more accurately. You need to be strictly wash after every meal (even after a small snack). To brush your teeth with braces, the relevant brush whose purpose is to treat spots around braces. You can also use interdental brushes, which look like small wyciorki to wash bottles.

Or mechanical toothbrush?

Electric toothbrush is definitely better than the mechanical, because cleans teeth much more accurately than the best trained human hand. It has a small head that reaches where traditional toothbrush was not likely. The varied length hair causes the more precisely the interdental spaces are cleaned.

Best to choose a toothbrush that beeps tells us that we have passed the prescribed three minutes.

Note! The complicated structure of the brush head, makes it easier to build up on the residues of the paste and bacteria multiply. So you have to carefully rinse the tip under running water and replace at least every six weeks.

How to check if the teeth were thoroughly cleaned?

The best way is to buy a special pharmacy tablets or liquid to control the effectiveness of brushing. The tablet is sucked after washing liquid to rinse the mouth.

If there are areas which were badly eluted, it turns pink.

The most common dental diseases

The most common is dental caries. It is a social problem throughout the world. It is responsible for its improper diet and oral hygiene, and too rare visits to the dentists.

Also eating too much sweet food, drinking juices, carbonated beverages, the consumption of fast food dishes. They contain carbohydrates are the fuel for cariogenic bacteria.

Often avoids eating hard foods such as raw vegetables and fruit, and they have cleansing properties.

Note! It is important to conservative treatment of caries, because associated with the prevention and treatment of the most prevalent diseases of the teeth.

The share of the chewing gum oral hygiene

The history of the chewing gum has several thousand years. In ancient times, chewed gum trees, which refresh the breath and cleaned the teeth. These are just some of the properties of rubber.

Immediately after the meal bacteria that are present in the saliva adhered to the tooth surface and as a result of metabolism of sugars produce organic acids which lower the pH of saliva.

The most active is approximately 15-20 minutes after the meal (the. acidic phase). At a pH of 5.5 the enamel demineralization begins.

Note! Chewing immediately after each meal increases the pH of the saliva, and this prevents the occurrence of acid phase. Thus enamel demineralization there is no and the process of tooth decay is inhibited. 

Diet for healthy teeth

The teeth and gums must promote appropriate diet.

What to eat to the teeth stay strong and resistant to decay?

It is necessary to provide the body with the right amount of minerals and vitamins, which facilitate their absorption.

The basic building blocks of tooth are: calcium, phosphorus, zinc and fluorine.

Therefore, in the daily diet should include: milk, buttermilk, cheese, sunflower seeds or sesame and phosphorus-rich marine fish, spinach, beets, carrots or peaches.

Compulsory need to drink large amounts of water.

Avoid carbonated beverages at the same time (eg. cola), because they are harmful, especially when they are filtered; small sips and sweets (especially sticky, which persist in the spaces between the teeth).

Note! When you feel like a snack, choose hard fruits or vegetables or yogurt.
Suitably fed and cleaned thoroughly after every meal teeth will be healthy and have beautiful appearance.


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