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Facts about weight loss

Facts about dieting

There are so many ways and methods to quickly slim. A friend tells you about a cabbage, fasting and drinking water ... For weeks, did you eat the same fruit, but do the right thing?

If you want to lose a few kilos, you begin to diet. You start to wonder if the diet is effective and whether new menu will help you lose weight and maintain weight.

It should be noted that some products do not have to fatten, while others lose weight. How, then, it is really what it actually helps you lose weight? And what on the contrary, despite many reviews make you fat?

Here are the facts about weight loss

Vegetables can be eaten without restriction

The large volume and content of fiber contained in vegetables cheating hunger. Fiber gives a feeling of satiety. It provides regular metabolism and helps digestion.

Batter fattening

Meat wrapped in a thick batter and fried in fat is very high in calories. In the case of fish, the batter can be more calorific than the same fish.

Cabbage improves metabolism

Fresh cabbage and sauerkraut increases the activity of the digestive tract and regulates bowel function.

Salads ally

The salads are low in calories if they are not made with mayonnaise or sour cream. Additives in the form of sauces increase their calorie balance.

The cheeses are more caloric than meat

Cheese despite the fact that they contain a protein similar values as meat, have a much higher calorific value.

Rusks are no more nutritional than ordinary bread

Crackers because they contain fat and sugar, they are more nutritional than bread. Instead of biscuits better to eat toast and toast instead of fresh wholemeal bread.

We sip before or after a meal, and not during

You should not drink while eating. The fluid makes the food in the stomach to churn, and therefore the more we eat. It also diluted digestive juices and cause bloating. Sometimes we reach for food, because they want us simply to drink.

Drinking water causes a decrease in appetite

You should drink water as often as possible, even if you do not feel thirsty. The desire occurs when the water level in the body drops nearly 4-5% below normal. Drinking large amounts of water satisfies our desire and causes a decrease in appetite. So you need to drink a little exaggerated when it still does not feel thirsty.

It is good to drink before eating

Drinking before eating concerns especially obese people who suffer from eating disorders. Downing 10 minutes before eating a large quantity of water causes the stomach to the brain starts to send a signal of fullness. In this way we have a chance to eat less.

Snacks cause weight gain

Snacks cause weight gain, because most often choose sticks, peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which are quite calories. It seems to us that several of them have missed the diet, but you should realize that 15 filberts is about 170 kcal.

Which drugs do not promote obesity

Increased appetite psychotropic drugs and hormonal preparations. They intercept body water and salt, as well as increasing the level of fat.

Fasting conducive to obesity

The body devoid of hunger strike through the use of energy supplied with food slows the metabolism and burning fat then takes place very slowly.

During the day you should eat five meals

Nutritionists recommend eating more and less, not less, but profusely. It is best to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Meals should be eaten at fixed times. Thanks controlled appetite and avoid slowing down the metabolism and blood sugar spikes, which is supported by irregular eating. No snacking! Intervals between meals are needed by the body has time to digest.

The sudden change of diet interferes with the metabolism

Quite often it introduces a weight loss diet from day to day. In this case the body does not have time to adapt to the new conditions. So lowers metabolism. There is therefore a situation that you eat enough, and each "side jump" makes your weight increases. In order to avoid this it is recommended to progressively reducing the number of calories 200-300 calories every two-three days.

A small number of meals is conducive to weight gain

Three meals a day are conducive to the accumulation of fat and lowering combustion. By eating less, and often not suffer hunger wolf attacks.

Profuse late-night dinner is conducive to weight gain

The last meal should eat at least two, and preferably 4 hours before bedtime. This makes it possible burning it. If you do not will make use of the energy supplied to the board, the body can store it as fat.

If you are hungry you can eat very tired of thin yogurt or hard-boiled egg

If you feel strong hunger, we can eat yogurt, preferably with a large spoon of bran, which well filled. Egg eaten without water works in a similar way.


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