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Vitamins for health

What vitamins for your health?

In recent years continually increasing level of interest vitamins, supplements and the different components of health, and above all derived from plants.

Numerous studies have shown yet many times that people using diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and grain products with complementary diet for nutritional supplements, rarely suffer from diseases of civilization.

In addition to carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements is such healthy foods derived from plants, it also has no end of other components belonging to fitofactors.

For your health it is very important to not only vitamin C, as many imagine, and not all can provide the body with swallowing some supplements.

When you suppose that taking only vitamin C 1000 does the trick supplementation then I am sorry but you are sorely mistaken. Healthy eating it is what after all you should care, mainly striving for variety of food containing nutrients. Our health is influenced by a lot of ingredients.

So what are these phytochemicals?

These are natural chemical components which belong to several different chemical groups, they are present in almost all vegetables and fruits. They cause, that they have a specific color, flavor and aroma. Sometimes referred to them as vitamin a new generation, even though nothing in them new. They protect us against oxygen radicals, heart disease, accelerated aging.

They are inspired by the operation of the enzymes in our liver, resulting in some factors are not harmful.

However may cause adverse reactions, such as decreasing the absorption of certain vitamins, especially vitamin B2, A, E, D; allergies and itching caused by compounds containing oils.


Undoubtedly, the largest group of phytochemicals are polyphenols, which, besides vitamins E and C are antioxidants. Probably the strongest of them rosweratol that occurs mostly in the skin of grapes, peanuts, and red wine that is produced under anaerobic conditions, thus prevented from oxidation of polyphenols.

They are able, together with vitamins, protect our body from free radicals as well as able to fight the bacteria. In a selective give advice to fight cancer cells and block the functioning of the enzymes that are responsible for metastasis.

Flavonoids, which also belong to the prescribed action polfenoli anti-atherosclerosis, which means that all those who are at risk of lifestyle diseases will need to clashes in to eat food in its composition having these important ingredients.

It follows, therefore, that although dietary supplements, including capsules having composed the best vitamin is today a necessity, but one should not forget that in our diets were contained antioxidants.

Healthy food is, after all, the main element of health and vitamins and supplements in tablets, or in bottles, but also necessary, they can not replace what we understand as a healthy diet.

Many people think that only vitamin C is something for which you need to seek in the diet, and unfortunately this is the result of misinformation and not enough to ingest eg. C 1000 are needed and other supplements, and (no doubt) suitable, preferably personally chosen diet. Health is something that depends above all on you, and on your diet first and foremost.

Do you think I should do something about it?


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