Diet for acne

What diet for acne?

For your daily diet effect was skin care and prevents the formation of acne, check first what you should eat and what should be every day on your plate.

The most important in this case is vitamin A which normalizes the secretion of sebum. The vitamin A body changes, in turn, beta-carotene, and that you will find in all red and orange vegetables.

Warning! Excess sebum causes the blockage of pores and contributes to the formation of subcutaneous inflammation, which is why it is so important to his evolution was under control.

The menu in the diet on acne

Your menu should abound in red and orange vegetables and fruits, but not limited to:

  • red and yellow bell peppers;
  • tomatoes;
  • carrot;
  • red melons;
  • lettuce;
  • spinach;
  • broccoli.
Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of vitamin B6 and affect toning your skin while reducing the number of breakouts.

You should also know what to avoid when you place your menu, because you may not be aware of the fact that the cause of acne is poor diet and do not care.

Warning! First of all, pay attention to those products that stimulate the secretion of sebum. These include high-iodized salt, shrimp and seaweeds (eg. sushi).

Also, avoid all junk food (skin of a person who often boarders in this type of bars betrays everything), but also sweets.

Domestic way for acne

Acne is a skin disease that occurs in the beginning of puberty, when under the influence of hormonal changes occur over-stimulation of sebaceous gland activity. Basically seborrhea.

Acne treatment is difficult and can take a lot of time. However, in the case of minor acne lesions are perfect for home treatments.

Warning! You have to remember that in case of major diseases Nonmedical no substitute for visiting a specialist.

Herbal acne sausages

This is the most usual ways at home. Invaluable in the treatment of acne are herbs. To cleanse the skin 3 times a week, make herbal sausages, which swells the skin and open pores.

To brew need:

  • several bags of chamomile;
  • several bags lime blossom, sage;
  • hot water;
  • towel.

In a bowl put chamomile, linden blossom and sage. Pour hot water. Tilt the face over a mixture and cover your head with a towel. Hold for some 10 minutes.

At home, you can also cook tonic:

Chamomile pour a glass of boiling distilled water and leave under cover. Strain and use to wash the skin of the face 2 times a day. Morning and evening.


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