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What helps you lose weight?

Slimming without failures

Attempts to weight reduction shall not once, but several times. What the deuce is behind this? Just the first attempts do not always come out and lose weight without failure is a dream, an ideal, goal. The loss of those kilos it is not so simple task.

Is there anything more difficult than weight loss?

Yes of course. This is to maintain the effects of a slimming diet, because if it were not so, every year in the spring nobody would say:

"for this summer I have yet to lose a few kilos"

What does it take to finally achieve the ideal body weight and enjoy it for years to come?

You can eg. Use of effective and proven tips, which you can read below ...

Losing weight is a process (slow and long-term)

This is the first and most important rule at the same time.

You must be patient and calmly go through all stages of weight loss.

Warning! No good nutritionist does not allow his patient to lose weight 10 kg during the week, because it is harmful to health, and, above all, does not guarantee long-term effects. The weight loss is faster, the greater the risk of unwanted yo-yo effect.

Do not believe the miracle diets!

Diets newspaper are worth nothing.

Usually lead to rapid weight loss are not balanced and do not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Warning! The use of these diets can result in malaise, apathy, fainting.

An effective diet is only the prepared individually, and not that prepared for all readers of one newspaper, because the authors did not take into account baseline body weight each reader individually, or diseases to which the cures, nor what he likes to eat.

Ideally eat 5 times a day

You decide on a diet? You have arranged for you to watch menu.

Remember that snacking something sweet in the meantime in advance dooms you to failure, because the plain chocolate bar, serving biscuits or two rows of chocolate have the same energy content as a pretty decent breakfast.

And that sugar is sneaky and stimulates appetite and that's why it's so hard to end on a single sweet ... :)

Eat more vegetables and fruits

It should, because it is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals in the diet. This is what can replace them sweets, and to have few calories.

Eg., the average tomato provides less than 30 calories, and a large cucumber - 25.

In addition, fruits and vegetables is a source of fiber, and yet this appetite-inhibiting substance.

Without hesitation - healthy habits for longer

Healthy eating habits should be introduced slowly and should live in accordance with them as long as possible.

Because only through him body weight standing in one place and not return to the state before the application of a slimming diet, because what with the fact that for three months very are watching and to drop quite a few kilos while later you go back to old habits and you will be nibbled sweets and eat pizza for dinner?


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