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Losing belly fat fast

How quickly lose belly?

Many people are asking themselves how quickly lose weight from the abdomen. The answer is quite trivial - just exercise and an appropriate diet.

As to the former, there are special exercises that will not only allow us to lose weight, but to make our stomach was flat. Of course, the ideal would be if it all worked quickly, but I advise you to have patience - the results will be visible after some time.

The best known and most used exercises include biking, running, doing sit-ups, and more enterprising people will find on the Web special exercises to this: slope side, a small bridge, knees to chest, etc.

Exercise to lose belly fat

We lay on the mat / mattress / blanket. We put your hands along the body. Knees slightly bent. Feet propped on the floor. While inhaling raise the legs to chest height (bent at the knees!).

Of course - nothing by force, if we do not give advice "to perfect", it is difficult. I used to come to such a form. In the course of such a system we are trying to hold the position for a few seconds. Breathe out, at the same time lower the leg to the starting position.
Warning! We do not put the foot completely flat, because it bothers you rest your spine. In the case of pain in the lower part thereof it it is necessary to stop.
Exercise repeat 8 to 12 times.

Of course, if you want a perfect figure is on physical activity our activities should not end. What smarter and - you can not hide - the so-called richer ladies apply. slimming underwear.

The problem is that when you read about this type of product, one has the impression that the only material folds puts on our body, and does not burn fat. For someone who wants to save time and such delusion enough, this solution is perfect.

And yet, I believe that is a dead end and need to get back on the right track, which are - eg - an appropriate diet.

Diet to slim belly

The fat comes not only from the lack of movement - it is caused to absorb an excessive amount of food for the organism. The first and very difficult step in the diet should start from limiting food.

Of course - do not overdo it the other way. Some diet-miracle, they recommend be all day on the water from a location throw away. If you already have lessen the amount of food in the body, then let's do it slowly ...

Even resign bread, but to the body got used to his absence, it takes seven days. After them another seven days - again, something put aside. I'm not a doctor, so I repeat clich├ęs: do not give up such things as fruits and vegetables, because they are the healthiest.

It might be worthwhile to restrict potatoes, or go to the rice, because less fattening. If you cook something, then steamed and avoid frying. We do not eat sweets - if we must, then once a week. A diet ... Better a doctor to talk about some of the proposals, because not all the ideas encountered in newspapers can be healthy.

Let us return for a moment to exercise, but rather because it is an important component of weight loss ... Meets the claim that "lose weight with belly" can be at the gym - if someone can afford it. The student has it for free on his college usual.

Of course, then we will not have to worry about a lack of skills for cycling, or living in hollow tree where there is not too much to lay out any blanket. Here we find as much space as necessary and instruments, which are used for sporting feats.

But we must arm ourselves with knowledge, what elements are belly. Usually these are: bench, where we raise our feet and that's what allows us to trunk twists, its rise supine, belly hook and its inverse.

There are many different ideas on how to lose weight. They are good diet, good traditional exercises, as well as common sense and creativity. For whatever we came up with and any combination of us to decide, first of all we need moderation and the realization that we can not allow to strain your body.


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