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Home remedies for colds

How quickly cure a cold?

Season lasts incidence of colds and flu. So let's find out what treatments will help alleviate the symptoms of the disease and enable faster return to health.

Colds and flu are caused by viruses. They are responsible for the fact that torments us a runny nose, cough and other ailments. Treatment should be tailored to their symptoms.

Warning! When flu is mandatory to stay at home.

Test for cold and flu

Mark the correct answers with questions:

1) You have a fever above 39 degrees? Yes No
2) You have muscle pain and / or headache? Yes No
3) Tired of dry cough? Yes No
4) You're so weak? Yes No
5) The disease began suddenly and strongly? Yes No

Most of the answers is "no" - it is cold.

They prevail answer "YES" - probably a flu.

You have to heal, and if no improvement occurs after 3-4 days, then you go to the doctor because I strongly extending the flu can cause complications.

How to fit a cure for ailments?


In the initial stage of the disease cough is usually dry. When it is very tiring, you can take medication with codeine, because they inhibit reflex expectorant.

Warning! These measures should be adopted no later than 17 nor when tired us productive cough (residual mucus makes breathing during sleep).

No matter how it is cough syrup will be helpful garlic and onion (amplifies, and antibacterial and antiviral).

Preparation: chopped 5 cloves of garlic and you cut into slices 3 onions. You put tightly in a jar and sprinkle with sugar. Let stand for hours in a warm place. Then You blend juice. Take your 2 times a day for a spoon.

Runny nose

If it is whitish or transparent, it will help him available without a prescription drops xylometazoline or tablets of pseudoephedrine (they constrict vessels and open the airway).

Warning! Without consulting a doctor they can be used for 3-4 days.

On a visit to the doctor you need to immediately enroll as a runny nose is yellow or green, because it is a symptom of a bacterial infection and you will need an antibiotic.

Regardless of drugs can do yourself the relief inhalation. You must also drink after 2 cups of tea with raspberry juice, water with juice from the fruit of elderberry and lemon (after 2 tablespoons of juice in a glass of lukewarm water), because it strengthens and helps thin the secretions removed.


That which accompanies the infection is mitigated funds with paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin.

If you have already taken any medications for colds, you need to check their composition in this leaflet, because you might find that already contain a dose of painkiller.

If you already feel better or headache is medium or low bolstered instead of drugs can sip a brew of lemon balm (tablespoon of herbs per cup of boiling water). It acts analgesic for pain, antibacterial and antiviral. It will also help to fall asleep and sleep is a very good way to get rid of the headache.

Muscle aches

Here, too, help will be on the same measures as for headache, and can be used in addition to preparations that act warming (eg. Ointment horse).

Do not ignore symptoms, only to jump into bed because muscle pain is usually a symptom of the flu. They bring relief as two treatments warming-killers.

First, take a 15-minute bath (37-38 deg. C) of 7 drops of cinnamon oil, and then, already under the covers, sipping a cup of tea with ginger (slice of fresh corms or a pinch of powder on the glass.

Sore throat

It is a sign of irritation of the mucous membranes. And that's it get into the microbes. If the sore throat is unbearable, you can kurowańá yourself and use available over the counter sprays and lozenges.

Warning! When the pain is severe or on the tonsils precipitates or purulent discharge, then you need to go to the doctor because it could be a bacterial infection.

However, even if household remedies can be used to regenerate mucous membranes. You can gargle with infusion of chamomile or mint, and drink a decoction of linseed (3 tablespoons of the seeds poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Drink 1/3 cup strained after bedtime.)


The increased temperature helps kill disease-causing microbes, but when it persists for several days or more than 38.5 deg. C, then you need to act. This temperature more impaired than heals the body.

If the fever is not too high, you can sip then an infusion of linden tree with raspberry syrup (3 cups a day). This works diaphoretic, and sweating facilitates dissipation of excess heat.

But if the body temperature jumped up to approx. 40 deg. C, then you need to take medication with paracetamol or ibuprofen, take a cool bath (water should be about 0.5 deg. C lower than body temperature, put under a wet sheet and put cold compress.


During the illness of the body directs all forces to fight the infection and then may need additional support. His resistance can be increased by taking preparations of Echinacea, fish oil, calcium, vitamin. C and rutin.

Besides, you need a lot of rest, sleep or lie down in a ventilated room, not too big to eat easily digestible food and drink approx. 2.5 liters of fluid.

You can also ask an experienced person to either bring bubbles that cause strong localized congestion, and it mobilizes the body to produce more antibodies.

Warning! The effects of this support will be visible when the bubble will be placed every 3-4 days - avoiding the places where the remaining traces of the previous treatment.


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