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Symptoms of psoriasis

What you need to know about psoriasis?

Psoriasis does not in all cases shown. Often we do not know, with her sick. The first symptoms may cause only chronic stress, shortage of dreams, hormonal changes, sun, certain medications.

Is psoriasis can be caught?

You can not catch it. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease primarily associated with the malfunctioning of T lymphocytes when they become more active, cause inflammation of the skin.

Is psoriasis is a genetic disease?


The risk of a child with psoriasis is 41% if the disease is affected by both parents, 14% - if it suffers from one of them and 6% - if you suffer from one of the siblings.

Psoriasis is a chronic and incurable

According to the World Health Organization, psoriasis is a disease incurable, of chronic. It is characterized by spontaneous disappearance and relapse. Remission can last from several days to several decades.

Diet psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis always takes quite a long time, because the treatment of this disease is primarily on proper nutrition. The patient has to pencil in hand to save every foodstuff that within a month he was in his diet.

It should be the minimum of 60, while more than half should form the raw products.

Warning! Do not be afraid to eat raw vegetables, which are usually eaten cooked: beetroot, spinach, celery, cabbage. You can add the horseradish, pepper or paprika, honey or cream and small amounts continuously add to your daily meals. Of course, it changes vegetables as this, as will be changing to supply the market.

The most
needed in the treatment of psoriasis is vitamin B6, which you can find:

  • in swedes, onions raw, grochach, kapustach, carrots raw, fresh cucumbers, black berries, lemon rind, apples, blackberries, apricots dried, oranges, strawberries, plums, cherries, grapes, white, strawberries, in bread wheat, wholemeal, in mutton, veal, fresh fish, marine, fish oil, raw egg, yeast and honey.

Often is it that a person who suffers from psoriasis can not eat many of these articles, because it just hurt, causing bloating, and even sorrows.

The solution is then pouring into dishes of cumin, marjoram, pepper or other spices else that will improve digestion, because it is not only for digestion, but also about the assimilation of vitamin B6.

Warning! We must also take care of daily bowel movement. You may want to use Cholegran or Normogran 2 teaspoon twice a day before meals.

It all helps psoriasis by supplementing lack of vitamins in the body.


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