Perennial allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis or cold - how to recognize?

A lot of people during autumn and winter cold weather sniffle. It does not have to be cold. It is worth to know with which we are dealing runny nose.

The test for the diagnosis of hay

Solve the test by which you recognize, with which you are dealing runny nose.

1. How long you have a cold?

a. usually 3-14 days.
b. sometimes even several weeks.

2. When there is most often?

a. winter
b. in the spring.

3. Along with hay there are other symptoms?

a. headache, throat.
b. The watery eyes.

4. How catarrhal discharge?

a. it is white, yellowish or green.
b. usually transparent.

5. Do you have a fever or feverishness?

a. yes.
b. no.

If at least 3 times the answer and probably you have a cold, and if you chose b often, you probably suffer from some kind of allergy.

Allergic rhinitis

If the discharge is clear and abundant (literally drips from the nose), sneezing volley tease us, watery eyes, probably have allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Warning! These symptoms usually appear in similar circumstances, eg. always at the same time of year or time of visit a friend who has a cat.

How to deal with allergic rhinitis?

The spot can take an antihistamine, which calm the symptoms. You can also opt for preparations which act locally.

You have to go to a doctor allergist who will order tests based on which determines which sensitizes us.
Warning! The best cure for allergies is to avoid the sensitizing agent.

Runny nose from colds

If a cold lasts about a week, it has white-yellow or greenish mucus and accompanied by other symptoms: stinging throat, headache - probably caused him germs.

Warning! This classic cold that if we can help our body, will pass in a few days.

How to deal with a runny nose from colds

You need to regularly clean up your nose. We apply a solution of seawater that thins the secretions.

We are taking anti-inflammatory medicine that contains aspirin or ibuprofen. This will help overcome the headache, and muscle and stop the development of inflammation in the body.

Warning! You should rest. We make it easy for the body to regenerate.

Lots of drink. Catarrhal fluids to thin secretions. We reach for infusions of chamomile and linden, which heat up and act as an antiseptic.

If after a few days of treatment, symptoms did not decrease, and the discharge thickens, we go to the doctor.


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