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What causes insomnia?

What it actually is insomnia and what are its main causes?

Insomnia is there a lack of sleep. Insomnia most often defined as: trouble sleeping; trouble staying asleep or frequent awakenings; too frequent waking up with the inability to fall asleep; no restorative sleep (sleep long, but I woke up tired).

You can even replace a few other conditions that people with insomnia comply based on which treatment is based. Often these are such different beliefs: certainly not an island, or worry that no island. Otherwise, the main concern is to put people with insomnia is the fear that they will not sleep, and some actually sleep and the fear of insomnia causes such a true insomnia, and really this drug is the main problem of these people.

How does the insomnia?

Insomnia is developing according to a specific and fairly uniform pattern. We usually start with the fact that people differ among themselves sensitivity or resistance to sleep insomnia, predisposition to insomnia, and this is so that people share so half and half.

Hi people are so constructed that it is very easy to react worse at night to relieve stress, pain, change of weather or whatever, and there are those who are not moving at all or do not respond to this insomnia.

In these sensitive individuals that insomnia can very easily cause and reasons may be:

  • environmental causes (eg. non-compliance with the rules of sleep hygiene);
  • social causes (eg. fear of job loss);
  • health reasons (eg. depression, pain);
  • drug causes (many drugs cause insomnia).

It really is a whole series of dysfunctions in our body or environment in which we sleep, which can cause burns and worse we are called. triggers or we factor aptitude and triggers.

If it will, then there are sleepless nights. When there are more than, say, three a week, it is then short-term insomnia (insomnia contingent). Insomnia contingent, it really is as a matter of fact an adaptive mechanism to all phenomena.

Short-term insomnia

Short-term insomnia, which lasts for the first month is usually always secondary, almost always associated with a factor almost always has a cause, which is both insomnia secondary to something.

In contrast, more or less a month (sometimes a little longer or shorter), there are factors refresher and most weekdays are:

  • fear of insomnia;
  • fear of how you will work the next day;
  • behavioral change about the dream,

In many studies (in all countries) clearly states the correlation between the length of sleep, and insomnia or sleep the worse - the longer you lie in bed.

So you can easily imagine that a man who has trouble sleeping, goes to sleep 1-2 hours before, because he worries that not sleep, and really lying in that bed, shaking from side to side - perpetuates itself this insomnia.

And these factors refresher constantly evolving, developing according to such a scheme vicious circle or the worse sleep - the more worried - they more worried - the worse sleep.

When such a person goes to the doctor after a few months of insomnia, it is usually not really the factors that triggered the insomnia (depression, fear of job loss) have disappeared because the patient found employment or recovered from depression and remained insomnia (the fixed) who can say that primary insomnia in this situation.

Because she fueled itself.


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