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How to train your memory?

Memory training

The pace of current life forces us to constantly gymnastics of the mind. Due to the accumulation of information we remember less and less, while our memory becomes you ever shorter and more and more we forget.

Warning! Not practiced memory is slowly becoming weaker. It is a mistake the conviction that the problem of forgetting applies only to people over 50 years of age.

It turns out that the problem is becoming more common in younger people.

Very important exercise becomes memory.

How should we train our minds to the problem of forgetting we did not cover?

With memory in elderly whole problem (even drama) lies in the fact that if earlier we were not very active person (rarely used for its memory), it is, unfortunately, then it is difficult to find a golden mean (what a super efficient) to suddenly now in old age when you've naturally aging brain and this memory is naturally a little bit worse, something to improve the memory work.

The improvement in memory always work well for such methods (methods) as:

  • you need to read a lot (and not just watch TV), because reading forces another activity in our brain;
  • as much as possible to meet people, as much as possible to leave the house, talk to people, contact (mainly younger people), and thus ensure that, in order to have a constant flow of stimuli that are new to us.

No such stimuli known, routine, such that daily repeated, and reading books, and reading newspapers, talking with a neighbor, call the seller at the store, out to some exhibition or a festival or going to a concert (even momentarily ), whether any public place.

This is already something forces us to change this routine procedure.

Crossword solver

Many people find it helpful crosswords, and if helps, this is a good way, but that does not mean that you should recommend it to all. This is a good way for people who have some knowledge, they like to do, who used it solved, it will certainly be a way that this memory will support.

But anyone who has ever done this, who does not have the habit of reading, searching (eg. the dictionaries, encyclopaedias), for it may seem very strange and does not necessarily help him.

Warning! Generally, you must take care to as many as possible in my life happened. You can not get close to their four walls, in their own little world and you can not give reduced to such a series of habits from morning to evening, that each day is exactly the same.


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