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Enlarged prostate symptoms

Enlarged prostate

Men often neglect is that they must increasingly go to the toilet. They emphasize that probably "more drink". However, such symptoms, if you persist, they may indicate prostate problems.

Warning! Waxing prostate does not hurt. As long as man is young, and the level produced by his testosterone remains in the upper limits, prostate function, but when fifty knocking on the door, the blood of a man falling testosterone levels, and this causes a number of changes: one is the process of sprawl prostate: arrives cells of the prostate itself and so. stroma enough.

Then there is a problem with urinating:
frequent pressure on the bladder and putting a small amount of urine. The man has to get up at night to go to the toilet. Urine flows thinner stream, sometimes drips rather than flows.

Prostatic hyperplasia treatment

It consists mainly of taking herbal medicines that relieve symptoms.

Warning! If, however, growth is significant, your doctor may need hormone drugs that block enlargement of the prostate. Sometimes it is necessary to operation which involves the removal of the prostate. It is performed when the prostate gland is greatly enlarged and completely prevents urination. And then it leads to changes in the urinary tract, or when there is a suspicion of cancer development.

Preventing proliferation of prostate

It is important here diet and lifestyle. Disease is conducive to smoking, alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. What is important is regular exercise and .... regular intercourse because men, who often are in love, have a lower tendency to prostatic hyperplasia.

Warning! They are undesirable tea and coffee, as adversely affecting the health of the urogenital system.

The diet should include products that contain sitosterol - anti-inflammatory and reduce the swelling of the prostate. They are pumpkin seeds, soy, beans, sesame seeds, wheat germ, corn oil.

Isoflavones are also important that regulate hormone balance. They are hiding in soybeans and products made from it. It is advisable to limit animal fats to slaughter plants.

Important control

Men over 40 y. Of age should undergo regular prostate examination per rectum (ie through the anus). If the gland begins to grow, you need to check the PSA - a protein whose quantity increases slightly with age and in the case of prostatic hyperplasia.

Warning! If it exceeds certain amounts, may indicate prostate cancer. In men after 65 years. Life worrying are the levels above 4 ng / L, au younger at the level of 2 ng / L.

The prostate produces a secretion that is part of semen. In a healthy man is the size and shape of chestnut. It is located below the bladder. Its rear part adjacent to the rectum. Through the middle of prostatic urethra runs. When the prostate grows, presses the coil, making it difficult urination.


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