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Winter weight loss

How not to gain weight in winter?

When the window temperature is becoming lower, we have wanted for more. More carbohydrates, fats, sugars. Winter seems to be a period in which it is impossible not to gain weight.

It is much easier than in the summer we purchased a few extra kilos, which then harder to lose. Starvation is also not an option. So what to do to satisfy the growing appetite and at the same time maintain an ideal weight?

Winter menu

The first rule is the menu. In the winter we have to pay attention to what we eat. Our bodies during the autumn - winter is trying to accumulate as much fat to protect against the cold.

To prevent the appearance of unwanted creases, we must carefully plan our meals. For starters it is worth taking minimize the amount of carbohydrates.

Warning! Excessive quantities are in bread, pasta dishes, processed potatoes, eating Fast Food, and in most of the sweetness.

Often it happens that we feel that we need to eat something sweet. Our bodies simply demands it. In the winter, especially when we have to watch what we eat, it is worth to little sugar cookies that are delicious, yet low in calories. Thus, their eating, thereby eliminating the fear of extra pounds.

Similarly fats. It should give up the fat cheeses, low-fat for dairy products, red meat, for poultry, as well as opt for steaming instead of frying. Such small changes substantially reduce the amount of calories consumed by us, even despite the increase in portion.

Vitamin D in the winter

The second rule is vitamin D. In the autumn - winter period when the court quickly it gets dark and the days are mostly gray and gloomy, most of us suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D.

It is connected with a decrease mood, a state which is called autumn depression, increased willingness to consume carbohydrates and in the long run - the risk of obesity. When our body has the less vitamin D than it needs, decreasing its metabolism.

You do not have to reach for supplements in tablets, if you do not like such solutions or simply do not have them head. Rich in vitamin D are the products that you eat every day. These include, among others: whole wheat bread, milk, fish such as salmon and tuna, egg yolk, and liver.

No snacking between meals

The third principle, it is not snacking between meals. Autumn and winter especially, it is a favorable time spending free time at home. Most often it happens that the lack of desire, strength or other idea, just turn on the TV. It is very attractive, it was during this period televisions introduce new events, interesting programs, news, etc. film.

A common practice during this operation is snacking all kinds of snacks, such as sticks, chips, crackers and chocolates. Studies have shown that people podjadajÄ…cy between meals are at risk of obesity because they are not really aware of how much they eat.

But if we have something to eat, you might want to use some useful tips. First of all - do not let us eat directly from the package. It is divided snack on small parts, then it is easier to observe the actual amount we eat. Second - paying attention to what we eat. Replace it in chips for carrot sticks on almonds and chocolate brownie with reduced amounts of sugar.

Physical activity

The fourth principle is the movement. In the winter it is particularly important, precisely because of the growing demand of our body fat. It is overcome and turn into our rhythm of a physical activity that will burn excess calories.

If you do not like daily exercise at home, and tedious to perform the same action on the gym makes us shiver, you may be interested in typical winter sports, which in addition to the typical traffic, provide the mass of joy and fun. Skating, skiing, snowboarding undoubtedly improve our mood in these cold days.

But if we are individuals thermophilic and fun in the snow are the last act on what we want - it is worth considering enrolling in a weekly class, which will make us happy. Dance, maybe aerobics? The selection is huge and has something for everyone.

Key in the winter, is consciousness. Both deficiencies in our body and what he delivered. Knowledge about the consequences of our actions will certainly pay off a sleek silhouette in the spring.


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