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Health benefits of xylitol

Xylitol benefits

The sugar, which is addictive like a drug, said White's death. It raises the level of glucose causing diabetes, and as it goes, many different diseases.

An alternative for health-conscious people who do not want to deny myself the pleasure of sweet, is xylitol. Because of this, it is converted in the body without using insulin, it is suitable also for people of ordinary sugar can not eat.

Sugar may take the form of a white, brown, corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose, malt, barley, honey, rice syrup or maple syrup.

Each of these may lead to hyperglycemia and overweight, leading to diabetes and obesity. Traditional sugar also raises blood pressure, triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL), increasing the risk of heart attack. This causes dental caries and periodontitis, which in turn lead to loss of teeth and the general infecting organism.

In the case of children may cause trouble paying attention and memory, and thus learning. In addition leaches the body of minerals and vitamins, as well as interfere with the hormonal balance.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol or sugar alcohol, the sugar of natural origin, which can be found in vegetables and fruit fiber, corn cobs and various hardwood trees, like birch. As an intermediate product also appears in the conversion of glucose in body microorganisms, animals and even people. Each we make up during normal metabolism, in an amount of approx. 15 grams per day.

Although xylitol looks and tastes the same as ordinary sugar, that ends the similarity. First of all, it is about 40 percent less caloric and has 75 percent fewer carbohydrates than traditional. It is slowly absorbed and which causes very small changes in insulin secretion. While white sugar is a compound difficult to digest by the body, it birch sugar is broken down by gut bacteria on the short chain fatty acids.

Good xylitol is a pentose sugar, which is alkaline. This has bactericidal properties and prevents the growth of bacteria. However, all other forms, including the popular sweetener sorbitol are hexacarbons and form acids. Regular sugar in turn, is a factor that initiates failure of the autoimmune and immune systems, because it strengthens the dangerous bacteria and fungi, which may end up arthritis, allergies or asthma.

What use xylitol?

Using xylitol can bake cookies, sweetened tea or make preserves, while manufacturers use it as a substitute for regular sugar in sweets. But keep in mind that in the initial period of application of safe dosage is 3 teaspoons per day (approx. 15g).

Warning! Introduce it gradually so your digestive system adapted to produce adequate amounts of the enzyme digesting the sugar. The sudden adoption of more can cause mild diarrhea or slight cramping, but most often they disappear after a few days, because it is daily produced by the body or enzymes that cause its degradation.


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