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Oatmeal health benefits

Healthy oatmeal

There is little value products such as oatmeal. They are produced for years in the same way: oats are deprived of only husks and crushed them. All their natural wealth remains lobe.

Why oatmeal are so valuable?

The oatmeal includes all nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, good fats very much fiber, minerals such as precious - magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, iron. Having oatmeal with yogurt for breakfast, we will provide a huge portion of our brain B vitamins that improve memory and concentration and ensure you're protected against rising daytime fatigue and soothe the nerves.

Oatmeal is a valuable source of soluble fiber (ie. beta-gluten). They contain him most of all known flakes. Beta-gluten is very important for our body because it lowers levels of bad cholesterol and increases metabolism.

Oatmeal also protect our digestive tract, producing mucus, and it makes it difficult to reach out to the stomach harmful components of food (eg. chemical preservatives).

Fat in the oat flakes is also very valuable (to go up to 7%), because it contains unsaturated fatty acids, and they prevent coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Oatmeal is very valuable when it comes to weight loss. Satisfy the hunger for a long time and successfully will support the work of the intestine.

If you do not like to eat porridge, then use the petals in a different form. Add them (roasted on a dry frying pan) to salads, salads, fillings, sprinkle sandwiches, meat breadcrumbsin them, connect with cake, etc ..

A simple recipe for a salad with oat flakes 


6 tablespoons of oatmeal,
3 tangerines,
4 canned peach halves,
a piece of cabbage,
after a handful: raisins, California prunes, dates,
150 ml of yoghurt.


Brown it oatmeal for dry frying pan. Washed mandarin, peel, split into pieces, drained peaches with syrup. Cut into cubes.

Purified from outer leaves of the cabbage, rinse thoroughly drained and finely slice.

All the salad ingredients add to salad bowl, combine the yogurt, sprinkle petals roast.

Salad with oat flakes


4 tablespoons of oatmeal,
3/4 cup yogurt,
12 chopped walnuts,
tablespoon honey,
grated apple
juice of 1/2 lemon.


Pour over cereal at night 6-7 tablespoons of cold boiled water. Cover.

Add in the morning all the remaining ingredients, stir and immediately eat the ..


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