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Taking antibiotics

How to properly take antibiotics?

It is time for the disease. You lie in bed and reach for an antibiotic. STOP! Do you know how to properly use an antibiotic? Do you know how to avoid mistakes on taking this effective, but also a strong group of drugs?

What are antibiotics explanation seems to be unnecessary. Antibiotics are large group of drugs used for one purpose - to treat bacterial infections. The presence of pathogenic bacteria is a prerequisite for antibiotic use.

What does it mean?

These drugs will recommend us to a doctor in case of bacterial origin diseases such as .: tonsillitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis. Antibiotics do not cure while the diseases caused by viruses - influenza, cold, cold sores. This is very important because a common mistake is arbitrary use of antibiotics just the flu or the symptoms of the common cold.

Errors in the use of antibiotics is much more. Sorry - inadequate intake of this drug class may entail serious consequences. In addition to inadequate treatment of the disease will develop so. bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

The widespread use of antibiotics has led to the production of bacterial defense mechanisms against antibiotics. - As a result, more infections are very difficult to treat. Let us remember - unreasonable use of antibiotics is dangerous not only for our health but for the health of others.

What mistakes you can make with antibiotics?

1. You take antibiotics without medical knowledge? Error!
Remember - never take on their own antibiotics. Sorry - many stores in the house infinite packaging of drugs remaining after previous treatments - "just in case." Then, according to his own whim - we treat with such "remnants" of drugs. For several reasons, this is irresponsible behavior. First of all - without a medical examination does not have a proper diagnosis.

Antibiotic, after which we reach, it may be inappropriate to treat our ailments. We risk incurring only on its adverse effects, and the disease would not be properly treated. Secondly - with the use of antibiotics it is very important to duration of treatment.

Bacterial diseases is not enough to apply 1 or 2 tablets. Treatment - to be effective should last several days. This physician will determine how much. Several tablets remaining in the container - this is probably not enough to cure the disease.

2. It forces the physician prescription for an antibiotic or antibiotic extortion at the pharmacy? Error!

Sorry - many people are still trying to force the doctor prescription for an antibiotic. Let's trust professionals - if the doctor does not want to give us a prescription for an antibiotic - knows what he's doing. First of all, we do not use antibiotics for non-bacterial disease - eg. flu or a cold. Moreover - perhaps there are other contraindications to the use of the drug.

Malfunction is the phishing scam antibiotic pharmacy. So remember: Antibiotics are medications dispensed with a prescription. Do not try to exert pressure on pharmacists and forcing them to dispense the prescription does not have the right to sell us.

3. You agree not using antibiotic and guards? Error!

Antibiotics are drugs that act on the bacteria - killing them or preventing development. In our body outside the so-called pathogenic bacteria exists. normal flora, which is friendly to us, beneficial bacteria. Bacteria belonging to the normal flora - increase the body's natural immunity, are the source of some vitamins are responsible for the proper functioning of the intestines.

Unfortunately - antibiotics act on all bacteria, including those good. Depriving us of normal flora can cause a number of adverse effects: diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, ringworm development - especially in intimate places for women.

During the antibiotic necessary to take the cover, or probiotics. Probiotics are strains of friendly bacteria that have a beneficial effect on our body. Your doctor should warn us about the need to adopt probiotics. In the pharmacy there is a wide range of probiotic preparations differ in composition, price, form, and even the place of storage.

Among the probiotic preparations we can also be found synbiotics. These include not only the appropriate amount of probiotic bacteria, as well as prebiotic (eg. Inulin, oligofructose), which is a component constituting the energy source, and facilitating the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

4. Do you use your doctor's instructions? Error!

Antibiotics must be taken in an appropriate diagram. It matters whether the drug must be administered every 12 or 24 hours. The doctor always tells how to properly dispense prescribed medication. Sometimes it is important whether it has to be accepted before or after eating.

Some antibiotics can not drink milk. Very important is the time recommended by the doctor taking antibiotics, which can not be arbitrarily shortened. All this is of great importance. Failure to follow the doctor's instructions will result in improper treatment of the disease, which can become hazardous to our health.

The doctor usually recommends the receiving cover to the antibiotic. The probiotics should be assume preferably two hours after taking the antibiotic, during the entire course of treatment with antibiotics, and thereafter - even two weeks or more. This will allow for the restoration of normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract.

5. I felt better and interrupted treatment with antibiotics? Error!

Antibiotic treatments should be carried out to the end - ie. A time prescribed by the doctor. Antibiotic therapy usually lasts 5, 7, or even more days. Premature termination of treatment, when we feel better - is a mistake. Improving well-being is not yet guaranteed to remove all pathogens from the body.

Discontinuation of antibiotic treatment may result in relapse and - even worse - the acquisition of the aforementioned bacterial resistance to the antibiotic used. Never on your own without intermittent antibiotic treatment started, just because you feel better. Treatment should be carried out to the end of the time indicated by the physician. In the doctor's office and pharmacy will make sure how long we have to take the medication.

Antibiotics chosen and appropriately applied - will help us in returning to health. But to antibiotics proved to be effective - try to avoid these mistakes!


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