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Quit smoking diet

How not to gain weight after quitting smoking?

When you have made the decision to quit, take care of proper diet, which strengthens the body, helps get rid of toxins, and above all protect you from weight gain.

Breaking with cigarettes is not easy, and for that every third person breaking the habit gaining weight. Why? Nicotine stimulates metabolism and increases the burning of calories, and adrenaline, a hormone secreted during smoking, it sends a signal to the brain saturation.

In addition, nicotine suppresses the sensation of taste and smell, and therefore, when you quit smoking, your taste buds slowly "come to life" and sharpens the appetite. A person who has ceased to burn them so more ... and gaining weight.
Note! To avoid this, you should eat 4-5 small meals. This will help speed up your metabolism and prevent weight gain.

Sauerkraut in the diet former smoker

Provides low in calories (17 calories in 10 grams), fiber and vitamins. C and lactic acid. The latter helps to get rid of toxins from the body. Fiber gives a feeling of fullness even 2-3 hours after a meal, thus helping to avoid hunger wolf attack.

Tomatoes in the diet former smoker

They are the source of lycopene, which anti-cancer. This carotenoid enhances immunity and prevents infections of the respiratory system weakened against long-term smoking.
Note! Drink 2 cups tomato juice, tomato soup plate or eat the tomatoes for breakfast and dinner. Lycopene absorbs best in the presence of grease.

Almonds in the diet former smoker

When you throw burning, make sure that the diet does not run out of almonds, which are rich in vitamin E a natural antioxidant. Along with selenium-aging body, take care of your skin and protects the heart against infarction.
Note! Eat a few of them, because they are high in calories. A handful of almonds a day is enough.

Citrus fruits in your diet former smoker

Citrus fruits provide you with vitamin C. Dy reduces the absorption of tobacco. All you have to eat two fruits a day (eg. grapefruit and kiwi).
Note! This is important because vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, the body eliminates the harmful radicals contained in cigarette smoke.


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