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Body cleanse diet

What to eat to get rid of toxins from the body?

You are constantly tired, you have joint pain, headache. Do you have trouble falling asleep or you're still sleepy? Do not lose the weight, despite the sacrifices?
Note! It is common side lingering toxins and waste products which have not been effectively removed from the body.

Cleansing diet

This is the best medicine to help get rid of these substances.

Note! Follow a cleansing diet for at least two weeks, but after a few days you will feel the improvement.
When the body gets rid of toxins, it will return a restful sleep and energy, lethargy disappears, chandra, it will be a constant desire to reach for sweets.

With diets exclude meat, sausages, ready meals, fast-food restaurants. Limit salt, sugar, tea (except green) and wakefulness. Eat as often as raw fruits (apples), vegetables, dairy products (fat quark), rice, cereal, whole-grain breads and healthy flaking (olive oil, canola oil, nuts, avocados).

Avocado cleanses the body

It is a source of fatty acids, vitamins (A, C, E, F), but most valuable is the glutathione (tripeptide antioxidant).

Note! With it, the body gets rid of toxins faster.
Avocados provide you with zinc and selenium, which support the immune system and protect cells against free radicals.

Beets cleanse toxins

Betacyanins in them to prevent arteriosclerosis and cancer. They also have cholagogic, help remove toxins from the liver, also accelerate the neutralization of harmful substances.

Note! Beets also support the work of the heart by lowering blood levels of the amino acid unfavorable - homocysteine.

Garlic, onions cleanse toxins

Onion is capable of removing from the body of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium). It is the source of quercetin, which alleviates allergies. Best to eat it raw. Garlic and onions also contain sulfur compounds that help the liver to get rid of toxins.

Cranberry cleanses the body

Thanks to the presence of citrate, cranberry prevents deposition of calcium oxalate-(kidney stones), and can even be dissolved. The content of vitamin C, group B and fiber causes the faster you get rid of stale products of metabolism. It also works anticoagulant, prevents urinary tract infections, destroys free radicals.

Nettle cleanses the body

Nettle is loved and appreciated in natural medicine. Top eat it in the form of infusions, juices and fresh leaves are added to salads. Nettle effectively cleanses the body of toxins and deposits of uric acid, which is why it is recommended for gout. It has diuretic properties.


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